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Thread: How to easily summon a Succubus?

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    Default How to easily summon a Succubus?

    I have seen one spell inpatricular that requires 3 to 5 black candles, white cored or chalk, and a feww other items. This interest me, but I need a simpler spell so I won't be as easily caught while doing it. Does anyone have a spell for this? If you do, it would be very appreciated.

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    AlchemicEnchanter Guest


    O.o' Do I want to ask why you want to summon a Succubus? Nevermind. Dumb question.

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    It's not what you think, it's not some pervert thing. It's just no human girl really seems to understand me, and I love demons, so why not Succubus?

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    AlchemicEnchanter Guest


    O.o I always pause with regret when people say they love demons. I don't know why, and perhaps it's because my body is dedicated as a Christian that they despise me as such, but I'll never understand why a person would want to meet a demon. I've had many experiences with them, but none nearly as friendly as you may think. Actually, I've only experienced malignant demons, so weather or not this really is the case is beyond me, but in my eyes they will always be (and I apologize for the stereotype) evil.

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    That is kind of a racest statement, don't you think? That's like saying "I've never met a good white person, so I'm pretty sure they're all bad" I understand your train of thought, but there are good and bad demons.

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    As I respect your choices and can not tell you to do what I believe is right - I will give you a warning.

    They are dangerous. You say no girl understands you, but if you deal with a succumbus you may be ruining any chance you have for a girl to understand you.

    As a practitioner of mind power and spiritual growth I reccommend going about this in a different, more safe, and more successful way...

    Affirmation messages along with visualization.

    I wrote a detailed blog about it (well, copied information from a legitimate source) and you should really take 5 minutes of your busy life to read it, please!

    It will help you.


    " To seek the truth which lays dormant beneath society’s quilt
    Is a journey,
    And to stray from this path may cause the rose to wilt,
    Nourish this red beauty with knowledge – bare no guilt
    Don’t hurry

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    AlchemicEnchanter Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by E7than View Post
    That is kind of a racest statement, don't you think? That's like saying "I've never met a good white person, so I'm pretty sure they're all bad" I understand your train of thought, but there are good and bad demons.
    Weather they are good or bad may be up to speculation, however I can only attest to having seen the bad side of demons. If they do have potential good sides it has never been seen to me. Thus (at least in my reality) only bad demons exist. I realize others may say otherwise, but that does not effect what I have experienced with them in any way shape or form.

    So no, I'm not trying to be racist, or shun any one way, just sharing the fact that from my view there are no such thing as 'good demons'. In your doctrine of thought they may be good/bad/neutral it's all up to the individual. Just tread carefully.

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    Thank you, routeeleven. I will consider this.

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    This is amusing. Now, this might be my own perspective but I feel it fair to voice an alternative way of perceiving demons. Firstly, lets put into context that these entities or forces are not entirely of this world. They are here because of us and set up a kind of two way relay reaction between events. Yes, you could say they have personalities; just like cars do. But I am certain my car is neither good nor evil.

    Well, it is good when it runs and it's evil when it doesn't but that's a matter of perspective again. So let's avoid attaching a moral code onto something that we cannot fully understand in the first place. Cars, demons, dictionaries, etc. are functional; they are there to be used.

    Latent psychological issues might surface through working with demons but if you have a strong enough will - or most importantly, a firm grip on a working model of reality - then I see little reason to bring fear into the equation.

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    Belasko Guest


    Go join e harmony.

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