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Thread: How to safely enter the spirit world?

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    Default How to safely enter the spirit world?

    I'm somewhat of a novice with Occultism, I practice basic techniques for spiritual defense as I have been attacked in the past by black magick. Lately I have become interested in Shamanism and contacting the spirit world that lives parallel to our own. I am only interested in contacting angels and friendly spirits and healing myself and other people spiritually. I have no idea where to start...can anyone give me some advice? Thanks.

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    well, if your interested in shamanic practices, you should practice shamanically. try to draw up your ritual grounds in your preferred method, start with a mantra and some mushroom tea, drink it, chant, dance. it will all come full circle, you will have some direction, record your experience, and in later dates try to contact some of the spirits that you came in touch with. these will normally be local spirits. otherwise you can use the same method and call down specific names, but then why not just do something more ceremonial.

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    Thanks for the tips PYRE. What do you mean by drawing up the ritual grounds? And I'm assuming you mean psychedelic shrooms?

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    i mean drawing circles, calling down blessings, spilling blood, whatever you do to make a ground purified enough for the holy working you will be undertaking. you may want to go it sober the first few times in the same place, as local spirits whom you may connect with will be drawn to the area more readily. when your ready for intense connecion then introduce your prefered herbs or fungus. the world is full mind bending substances, hut shrooms are a good bet because they offer intensity and are about as toxic to you system as asperin. the occult is all about experimentaion, so do what feels rite. often shamanic aprentice will go through a couple years of training before they embark on a spirit walk. but the advantage of being solo is you can better asses what you feel your ready for, and perhaps better learn from the experiances that you wernt. and with the internet you have access to wisdom no one in history has before, so adviice is always on the horizon.

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