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Thread: Servitors/Tulpa/Thoughtforms that Create Physical Results Literally?

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    Talking Servitors/Tulpa/Thoughtforms that Create Physical Results Literally?

    Hello there!

    I've never created a Servitor before but I'm trying to create one now. I don't know if I created one already. How exactly can you tell if you have one already? I can't even see, hear or feel it.

    Anyway, I was wondering if anybody has created a Servitor/ Tulpa that you can literally see, feel or hear it. People can see it and talk to it too if it wants to be seen. I'd like to create something like this.

    Also, I was wondering if you program it to, can it create physical results literally. Say, you want a lump of cash, can it create a lump of cash appear right in front of you which is made out of pure energy. Like your servitor is using pure energy to make a lump of cash solid in front of you.

    Same goes with physical diamond jewellries. Like say, you show a servitor a picture of what you want from a magazine, has anybody programmed a servitor in creating that jewellry out of thin air (energy) and make it materialize in front of you into a physical form.

    I'd really like to experiment with this. I know that everything is possible and all and we can make anything happen as long as we believe we can. I was just wondering if anybody has done this before.


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    I've done all research regarding this matter. I've also experimented with the Law of Attraction but the results are not exactly the way I want them. For sure, I've had results with the Law of Attraction but I want a certain way my things will manifest.

    I'm experimenting with this. Hopefully there are people who can give me advice in order to see my results faster.
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    Default Servitor construction.

    Typically when you have the law of attraction you want to attract one thing at a time. '' I wished for blue and yellow and got green!''

    As for the tulpa/thought-form/servitor.
    They are energetic constructs. If you ever made an energy ball and programmed it... it is similar to that except it is more programmed and such. It won't make money appear in your lap like a genie would (not saying that a genie can actually do that - that is a metaphor and it isn't an actual possibility). But it will make the circumstances happen in which you get that money.

    As for making it physical, it can only appear physical the more you give it energy and in your mind it appears real. There have been stories about authors who have focused on a character so much that if you go to their place where they have written the book - the character has appeared there kinda like a hallucination. They aren't something though that appear completely physical like a human friend and walk around... but they can be experienced through the physical senses. A way to help that happen is to feed it semen and blood... particularly blood. The Tibetans have nothing to do but make powerful thought-forms so when they are made they are typically able to be seen.

    The practice and method of creating a servitor is something that needs a lot of research and isn't something for a beginner. A lot of times, people make unintentional thought-forms but because of the waning moon, the energies released cause most of them to die. The ones that survive tend to create abnormal behaviors in their creators and are a nuisance.

    The first thing you want to do is find out what you want it to do. Then make a sigil in your mind... or a symbol of what you want it to do. Focus on feeding it energy until it takes form in your mind. Shape it into what you want it to be. Then you have to sever it from your energy so it is independant. Normally I think of Athena breaking free from the head of Zeus except I think of the thought-form coming out of my head and breaking free. From then you need to feed it enough energy so it can survive the waning moon. If you want to keep it in a piece of jewelry or some other physical form, you must command it to reside in there. I normally use blood as a means of making it attach to that physical object and stay there.

    Some things to keep in mind:

    -you can program it to understand signs. I made one of mine respond to hand signals so it could protect me and attack others and also stand still.
    -the more complex it becomes, the more likely it will gain a consciousness of its' own. It won't have the self-awareness of a human but it will be able to make decisions on its' own.
    -If you don't work on it, it will typically take in the thoughts of those it comes in contact with. This causes a lot of thought-forms to go out of control. Be sure to go and take care of it and give it attention. It is your child.
    -Give it a name. Helps in controlling them. In Judeism Adam gave everything a name and thus had control of it. It doesn't matter if you are jewish or not - it is a psychological thing.
    -Program it to be loyal to you.
    -It can feed off of any kind of energy but typically will be dependant on your energy until it is fed other energies. However giving it different energies will change the personality it owns. This also applies if you end up thinking of archetypes while creating it. For example, if you made a thought-form to feed off of the life-energies of others and give them to you... and thought of lestat from the anne-rice novels/queen of the damned, you might not have programmed it to be arrogant but it will inevitablly be so.
    -If you give it blood, it will be bound to you. It allows you to control it better but it also means it is stuck in your life unless you break the bond through a ritual.
    -Make a way to destroy it if it gets out of control. In Jewish folklore, with the golems... a rabbi put the word ''emet'' which is truth on the golem. He removed the ''e'' when the golem went out of control. This put ''met'' on the golem. ''met'' means death and thus the golem died. A lot of people tend to make theirs on the new moon and then the next new moon they destroy the thought-form because it begins to gain self-awareness and they are no longer tools but entities.
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    Magic and Mystery in Tibet has a bit reserved on tulpas. It is not a slap dash process by any means and requires a lot of meditation and the genuine belief in the reality of your creation. It might literally take months of dedicated meditation to create one and by dedicated I don't mean whenever you get off work or school I mean to the exclusion of work and school. Creating a servitor or tulpa is not like going to church where you believe in them when you have the time. You must dedicate yourself to the task completely, at least if you want others to see it. Energetic constructs can be made and dissolved comparatively easily so long as you aren't interested in it having any sort of physical tactile reality.

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    Exactly Vir Sapiens , it requires a person with a lot of discipline and determination to create an actual Thought-form , also thought-forms cant make decisions on their own because they are not complex enough to do so.
    They are created for a purpose and after they do or try to do their assignment they will vanish. To make physical manifestation of the thought-form requires DOUBLE of the determination or the "know-how" which it is not in any book, and no one will actually teach someone how to do it, if not a disciple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by devakxes View Post
    The Tibetans have nothing to do but make powerful thought-forms so when they are made they are typically able to be seen.
    That's awesome! Never thought of it that way before, but I won't disagree. Tulpas are not to be played with. Like Devakxes and others have said, they can get out of control. Anything that has awareness can have "life", so be sure not to become Dr. Frankenstein unless you're willing to deal with some potential problems.

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