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Thread: Pass an exam spell

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    Default Pass an exam spell

    Is there spells, incantations, chants or words to help you pass a test successfully. I remember marbas might be good. I really need this help for Calculus. I've been doing good on quizzes but the tests have been extremely hard.

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    The most reliable spell is to practice doing more mathematics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azaziel View Post
    The most reliable spell is to practice doing more mathematics.
    rofl!! agreed.. Assuming there was, it would take more time and effort than simply studying for it and reading your questions carefully. By the time a ritual could be completed you would have missed the test... or simply failed from failing to refresh yourself over the course material...

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    AlchemicEnchanter Guest

    Default If this only exists...

    Tell me if ya find anything. Could be a HUGE help on college chem exams.

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    What I can suggest is not a spell,but more like something that can help you out a little. While studying, drink some mint tea, it will boost your concentration and things will be easier to understand and remember.

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    Astral Eye Guest

    Default Orobas

    Try envoking or maknig an offering to Orobas

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