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Thread: Nazi Satanism, Satanic Ritual Abuse, my experiences

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    Default Nazi Satanism, Satanic Ritual Abuse, my experiences

    I am KB Updike, Jr. March 23, 1985 is my DOB, the anniversary of the death of Jesus ( Antichrist symbolism - source ) and the date Hitler took charge of Germany.

    At the suggestion of Ian Orndorff, who claimed to be born on the Ides of March, I founded a cult #'d 8oo, initiation into the 8 circuits of consciousness, & the symbol for infinity.

    Ian is a huge German soldier, stationed in Germany on his way to Iraq, always had a shaven head, claimed he hated Mexicans. His father, Rocky Orndorff, claimed their family killed Jews during WWII.

    Israel Regardie died 13 days before I was born ( "Regarding Israel" ), of a heart attack. The famous Indian guru Babaji supposedly died because his heart stopped working on Valentine's Day one year before I was born, according to various online websites if you google his death.

    My great grandmother Merlee Bowers died in the hospital on Valentine's Day 2001, the day of her West Virginia funeral Dale Sr crashed and died and rewrote the safety regulations of Nascar. His son, Dale Jr, often drives car #88, HH, Heil Hitler to the Nazis.

    My mother's maiden name is Bowers, which is rooted in the root bloodline of the Rothschilds, the German Bauer bloodline. As the richest Jewish family, the Rothschild lineage is the most thoroughly targeted by the Nazi Party. My side of this family comes from West Virginia, a racist state of small population size, increasing the probability they have been identified and tracked.

    I consider Bush's pretend friendship with Israel and the Rothschilds a form of CIA mind control, but also an example of the classic adage, Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.

    During MK-Ultra, the most thoroughly exposed Nazi mind control program in history, the CIA smuggled Nazi scientists into the United States. During the historical fact known as Operation Paperclip, the CIA smuggling Nazis into Russia. The CIA head Bush's banking assets were frozen for aiding the Nazis during WWII on treason charges before these events transpired.

    I consider David Icke a way to get the New Age movement to buy into some Anti Semitic propaganda, confuse resistance movements, & hopefully get one nut to off a Rothschild. There are actual networked Reptile hunters.

    Since WWII, Nordic looking aliens with blond hair and blue eyes have been encountered, gray aliens have been spotted in Nazi uniforms, Reptilian Agenda theorists have been directly connected to right wing racists, and victims encounter trauma in secluded environments wherein they are "anal probed" (which is exactly identical to being raped in the dark) to project a terrestrial reality into mind control.

    The Bowers are reputed by the Anti Semitic propaganda of Icke to be the most plausible branch of the Rothschild reptilian shape shifters, alien genetic sociopaths, likely to be encountered in the suburbs. It is also considered Merovingian (the bloodline of David). Since my last name is Updike, I'm the bloodline of David ike.

    I was invited to get a job at Schneider Labs by my stepfather, whose first name superficially resembles the word "alien," Alain Louka. When he referenced the original spelling of the name in the Exegesis Bible to be Loukas, he claimed he was descended from St Luke according to his dad. His side of the family owns partial estate of a castle in France.

    Schneider Labs is owned by members of the Druise religion with the last name Abouzaki, which looks as much like AnouNaki (another word for genetic Jewish sociopath, as one word the Reptilians are called) as the word Druise looks like Jews.

    My sister Tiffany married into the Hesse lineage near my home in Hanover, Virginia. She was born May 5th, the Illuminati was founded May 1st as a marriage between the Hesse and the German Bauer families, in Hanover Germany. Icke's writings claim the Hesse bloodline is Reptilian.

    Abouzaki / AnouNaki, the Bowers, the Hesse, & Alain alien Loukas: that's four bloodlines which superficially (through prejudice) legitamize that being powerful & Jewish means genetic sociopathy: the message of Anti Semitic Reptilian Agenda propaganda.

    I first began encountering Neo Nazis as anonymous chat room personalities in high school. Rarely was anyone directly identified as a Nazi provided a name.

    Summer 12th grade, Danielle Kinker, Satanist, directly expressed a serial killer fascination to me. She was being statutory raped by a Nazi named "Pooch".

    The same day, I was introduced to Elizabeth Accours, who claimed to have MPD, to have the genetic ability to shape shift into a dragon, & to have been abused by an occultist.

    Through Elizabeth, I met Sarah Louise Watson, who claimed her family was in a Nazi Satanist cult. She and her boyfriend Paul Oliver, Jr got me drunk and raped me.

    John Michael Fulton: Told me he was an artist born April 20, 1988. The birth day of Adolf Hitler, the year of Heil Hitler. Claimed his sister was in the FBI. Posted the word "Lolita" where I was asked to work at Schneider, snuck up behind me, and placed the razor blade of a box cutter against my throat.

    "Big John," John (Gilmartin?): Showed off his advanced computer system to me and boasted that he was directly connected to the Bush Family in Texas. Literally the family of the George W Bush Presidents. Also mentioned Freemasonry.

    Was introduced to me by my dad, who underplayed the connection to the Bush Family: if it is possible for Non White Supremacists to interrogate my dad as to his exact location and the nature of their friendship, I don't mind but recommend extreme caution in concern to anyone interested in approaching this situation. I live in the Military Industrial Complex, 10426 Malboro Rd Hanover Virginia USA.

    George Symeonidis: Bragged about how much money his father made off Hitler in front of my Jewish relatives, displayed Mein Kompf to me, & said Jews are cheap. I met him at my stepfather Alain Louka's home.

    Nathan Atristain: Made a lot of Anti Semitic comments, including that he would be a Nazi for a day if he could kill a Rothschild. I was attempting to make a case on my website that my bloodline may have been targetted because of the link between the Rothschilds and the Bowers family, I mentioned his comments and he complained to the host, which got the website deleted. Bobby Atristain, his aunt, works for one of two ghost hunter societies in Richmond, meaning anyone who considers psychic phenomenon real & attempts to escape a ritually abusive situation may be intercepted by Bobby or Nathan Atristain. He also said his dad was a cop.

    Brett Courtney: I reported him to the FBI for downloading a file sharing device (Blubster) which contained child porn, then again at a later date when he left me a text message that is still in my mobile phone confessing to be a pedophile. Autistic, expressed a serial killer fascination. I suspect he may have been targeted by Nazi Satanists because they consider autism a genetic inferiority, and have read ritual abuse networks often prey on functional autism.

    The instant I reported all the above to the FBI, I was arrested for a public intoxication charge I don't consider valid near to my home, for walking around at night. It was around 10:30 or 11pm.

    My Name, KB, Synchronicity

    One of the most common computer abbreviations, an extension of K. the protagonist of Kafka’s unfinished masterpieces (Kafka’s short stories were introduced by John Updike, a brilliant American writer with the same last name as myself), and the beginning spelling of Dick Cheney’s company KBR, which involved a mainstream media exposed Iraq rape scandal as well as other Iraq War corruption.

    Ken Bowers, first name mine last name my mother’s maiden name, K.B., propagandizes against the Bowers lineage in an easily accessible free published online text known as Hiding in Plain Sight which can easily be accessed on a google search.

    Jack Bauer in “24”: Jac KB hour, subliminally a reference to jacking the Bauer bloodline through a KB named CIA mind control program. MK-Ultra, KM=KB.

    Disney’s “Kim Possible,” character nicknamed KP, played by a Jewish actress with a similar birthday to me: March 20, 1984 versus March 23, 1985.

    Mysterious Celebrity Deaths

    Crow lee Brand on Bruce Jr
    Brandon Bruce Lee, Jr: Antichrist style accidentally executed during the filming of the Crow. March 31, 1993. 93 means “Thelema” within the Aleister Crowley founded spiritual tradition of that name.

    River Pheonix died of a drug overdose October 31, 1993. The Crow is a horror themed bird of resurrection, and so too is the Pheonix within the context of a Halloween death.

    David Carradine (December 8, 1936 – June 3, 2009) died after starring in Kill Bill (KB) in Bangkok (BK) Thailand. Hanged if he didn’t accidentally kill himself.

    Heath Ledger died January 22, 2008 of a drug overdose, similar to River Pheonix, after starring in the Dark Knight and the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

    In the Dark Knight, he played the Joker and references mind control as a “push,” and stars alongside villain Twoface, MPD: which is a common theme with Satanic Ritual Abuse. In the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, Heath Ledger’s introduction is prophesied by the tarot card of the Hanged Man, then he is discovered hanging under a bridge shortly before he dies in real life. Multiple actors (personalities) play his character.

    The Imaginarium is filled with allegorical symbolism of fascination to those interested in esoteric riddles.

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    Default Nazi Mind Control Explored Further To Explain Satanic Ritual Abuse

    School Shootings

    Columbine: April 20, 1999. Hitler's birthday, three6 inverted.

    Hampton University: April 26, 2009. Close proximity to Hitler's birthday, two6 + 9 (an inverted 6, three6).

    Virginia Tech: If memory serves, Cho claimed to be Jesus? April 16, 2007. 6 surrounded by three, in close proximity to Hitler's birthday again.

    I am unfortunate enough to live in the state where two of those school shootings occurred.

    Multiple court convictions in connection to Satanic Ritual Abuse, which often involves Nazi Satanist symbolism, have also landed in my home state. They are a matter of public record.

    Ritual Abuse Case Convictions

    Scroll down to the Richmond, Virginia case. I live in Hanover County, Virginia, where that dead body was found.

    The most well publicized debunking of Satanic Ritual Abuse was by a Virginia based FBI Agent, who cited the obvious parallels between cases as evidence they are not connected and postulated no one who believes in psychic phenomenon be permitted to investigate.

    The Polanski Trial, in connection to the Manson Family: Charlie was very similar to a Nazi Satanist cult leader, a swastika plastered upon his forehead. Roman's wife was killed by the Mansons, & he was a Catholic Jew. Could Polanski have been targeted by Nazi Satanism?

    Charlie's followers were obsessively dedicated to Charlie, I suspect some kind of LSD mind control research may have been responsible, wherein all the love in the room via the serotonin agonism of the acid can be focused on (say) Charlie, the cult leader, Satan, evil...

    I suspect Nazi Satanism of being a method whereby WWII Nazis can recruit an evil-identified army of occultists.

    Aileen Wuornos was a deep South serial killer, Floridian, with a name that subliminally impressions people to believe in aliens (“alien warn us”). She babbled an actual alien warning on film after she was arrested, and claimed to have been mind controlled. Grainy photos are often distributed of her as Reptilian Agenda propaganda wherein the photos are edited to legitimize that she could shape shift.

    Microchip Tracking, RFID

    Conspiracy theorists make a big deal out of the 3six barcode: IBM is putting out the microchip tracking program, IBM Germany put out Hollerith machines to catalogue ethnicities for extermination during WWII. If you extensively research microchip tracking on youtube, there exists a photoshopped video suggestive a mainstream news caster is a Reptilian

    The Barack Obama Birth Certificate Controversy

    To say that someone’s birth certificate is fraudulent is not to say they are from outer space except to the extent the word for an illegal is the same as the word for an extraterrestrial: alien. Near the beginning of the birth certificate controversy, Dick Cheney, butt buddy to George Bush CIA “Outer Head,” established a connection between Obama’s lineage and his own through the mainstream media through his wife (a) Lynne Cheney [alien Cheney subliminal]:

    Cheney, Obama are eighth cousins - politics -

    It is a common angle with Reptilian Agenda theorists that all the Presidents must have been related.

    Subliminal Messages in Disney Cartoons

    Walt is widely reputed to have been involved w/ the Nazis during WWII, & has anyone seen the supposed Anti-Nazi propaganda videos Disney put out during the War? They all seemed like pro-Nazi propaganda to me.

    The tomato in the face at the end of the Donald Duck video seems sarcastically in support of Hitler to me, the entire movie is a song in tribute to Hitler's "New World Order," which later day Anti-Semitics have begun calling a Jewish world takeover.

    The artist that designed the cover to Disney’s the Little Mermaid confessed he intended it to be an obvious dildo reference, the knee of the Catholic priest has been cited by some to be intended as a subliminal boner.

    Ties Between the Catholic Establishment and the Nazi Party

    The Catholic Center Party was Hitler's swing vote when he was elected dictator of Germany, high ranking members of the Catholic religion smuggled Nazis out of Germany after the War on “ratlines”, and Pope Ratzinger, Hitler youth, reinstated one holocaust denier after he was elected Pontif.

    It is suspected the Italian Mussolini-offshot Nazi attempt to infiltrate the right wing of government known as Propaganda Due may have been involved in connection to the assassination of Liberal-leaning Pope John Paul I.

    P2 was suspected of staging terrorist attacks in Italy during what is referred to as the Bologna Massacre to frame Communists before 9/11 occurred on the date of P + the Roman Numeral for 2. Pentagon + Twin Towers. Could they have induced and enabled the Islamic extremists which staged the attack?

    In close proximity to the exact day of 9/11 from Berlin Germany capital of Nazi Germany during WWII, high ranking member of the PII conspiracy, Silvio Berlusconi, borderline confessed in a mainstream newspaper article in such a manner as to incite the impression “the West” is at war with all of Islam, significantly and pseudo-permanently increasing risk of terrorist attack by Islamic Fundamentalists upon all Western nations. He also cited Western superiority, White Pride?

    Storm over Berlusconi 'inferior Muslims' remarks - Europe, World - The Independent

    P2 was only ever convicted of being an illegal Masonic conspiracy, and caught laundering money out of Vatican Bank.

    Could some form of Nazi mind control explain why the Catholic children have been preyed upon by clergy?

    Fema Camps

    Glenn Beck on youtube issues a statement to the effect that the existence of FEMA is a confirmed fact he cannot debunk, then debunks and ridicules the concept of their existence, and joking claims “they” are making him do that and he needs help. Conceivably the attempt by a covert right wing racist to elicit help to intercept and track potential resistance movements?

    ‪Glenn Beck's FEMA Backflip‬‏ - YouTube

    During the Bush Regime, as FEMA Camps were being built, officially to house Mexican immigrants in case of a mass influx of border jumpers, Japanese Internment Camps were refurbished.

    Youtube videos on FEMA, photographic evidence as to their existence, and maps of their location, are easy to find through any online search engine.

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    Default Mechanisms and Postulated Solutions, Occult Resistance?

    There are accessories who consider themselves innocent & act out of a sense of moral justification, accessories who once were that way & felt cornered by the severity of their guilt, & accessories who act out of malice.
    Most of the accessories are programmed into believing the victim is receiving a slap on the wrist. That they are saving their victim’s life, & doing him a favor.

    Nazi Satanism - an infectious form of sociopathy conversion working off love of evil.

    Gang Stalking - the intimidation of victims so that they cannot resist, often by actual gangsters.

    Satanic Ritual Abuse - the forced assumption of a Satanic Role through trauma based mind control.

    Often elite Jewish bloodlines are involved as the identifiable source of the problem. MPD, self mutilation within a ritualistic context, and the involvement of local law enforcement agencies to shield the guilty from consequence and make the situation inescapable for the innocent, are exceedingly commonly reported themes.

    Victims are brainwashed to think they are schizophrenic so they can’t testify and are too confused to resist, impressioned to feel like resisting is immoral and contributes to their mental health problems as well as increases the probability other victims suffer, and rumors are spread around behind their backs as convincingly as possible to coerce the participation of as large a population group as conceivable so that anyone they attempt to elicit help from becomes an accessory instead.

    The Ritual Abuse Test: The insertion of the option at such a level that it will enslaves. The nonverbal insertion of the option wherein it becomes the only option, rather than the insertion of the option to consider.


    I consider mind control easier to resist if psychic phenomenon is superstition than if telepathic mind control exists. These solutions assume telepathic espionage to be a reality, and actual children to be one casualty.

    One plausible point of connection: Southern and British Empire slave trade as the source of modern day Southern racism in the form of the KKK – that you psychologically must condemn the slave to justify owning it, post WWII alliances between British and Southern American families that owned slaves in their recent history as an espionage leveraging technique of the Nazi Party.

    Modern slavery is predominately child slavery, a third world epidemic, especially in countries that hire child soldiers.

    The global slave trade may require the networked effort of multiple psychic armies to defeat, if Nazi Satanism exists as a method of recruiting an army of evil-identified slave owning sexual predators with psychic abilities.

    I recommend networking all points of fascination to child slave owners from the astral plane, immunizing them all to mind control and teaching the adults responsible for the welfare of children how to profile sexual predators. Provide them with as many network affiliation options as possible. Adoption clinics, Christian churches (as suspected by my research into Nazi Satanism in connection to pedophile scandals within Catholicism), teaching institutions and babysitting agencies.

    Teach children how to communicate telepathically in case they are ever endangered, and how to contact competent adults capable of handling a solitary threat or an organized network attack.

    There is a religious taboo amongst various global cultures against magical ability. A taboo against psychic phenomenon is far less common.

    Third world militaries: make visible a small quantity of ground troops when confronting if they are under suspicion due to inter-military issues, provide your own forces extensive invisible astral backup. Provide the military being confronted one opportunity to network in the present tense to prove it does not contain any sexual predators, then invade if any branch (not individual member) of the third world military has been caught.

    Networking therapists astrally and thoroughly validating precision of information extracted, thoroughly researching any loopholes which can trick the system, permits one conversion options which are not as risky and are potentially faster than the escalation of global war against third world military powers which hire child soldiers. Normal client-patient confidentiality agreements, and that a talented astral therapist well researched upon the subject of mind control can temporarily and permanently induce any healthy psychological state as easily as a ritual abuse network can induce a negative one.

    Ritual abuse networks can as easily heal themselves as spread an infection. Strict adherence to a present minded system encourages the most corrupt elements of society to self treat even although doing so does not reduce the probability of getting caught for what one has already done unless one is caught doing something related. Stopping reduces the probability of committing a new crime by 100%.

    Therapists should permit potential patients the option of interrogating the doctor first to confirm the nature of client-patient confidentiality and anonymity. The therapist’s safety should be ensured in such a manner that he can neither be made vulnerable to mind control nor killed by some anonymous patient, the therapist should be provided networking backing he or she occasionally checks in with.

    Networking hierarchy: Untrustworthy Anonymous for people who don’t consider themselves trustworthy by the core network body or do not want to be interrogated by anyone telepathically for any reason but eventually want network benefits. A trust based core network body which allots all power, money, and resource to those most willing in thought and deed to demonstrate sanity and altruistic attitude.

    Example: No narcing drugs, always turn in sex offenders to the most competent available authority even for statutory rape or the torture of anyone under 18, always report WMDs to whatever government body is willing to validate it will never use them and is immune to mind control (especially if it destroys rather than stockpiles them), no willingness to commit murder at any future date – including willingness to permit through negligence or intent civilian casualty during wartime conflict (which is terrorism), no evil identifieds nor sociopaths, no owning slaves nor engaging in mind control including ritual abuse as a form of atonement, no network infiltrators. & that recruits do not consider themselves the victims of mind control, nor insane.

    Alert every recruit against providing dirt on self or friends beyond the telepathic validation of degree of trust allotted per member. Answers can be written down on paper, it can be telepathically confirmed before and/or after all questions are answered: I am neither lying nor attempting to deceive.

    Nearly any well organized psychic community can be networked upon a similar hierarchy and become an astral military power, such networks can provide one another one representative to validate how trustworthy their own people are: a general idea or a precise evaluation.

    Always thoroughly telepathically interrogate anyone who accuses others of sex crimes. They are making the accusation for a reason and may be telepathic mind control slaves, if the accusation is slander it is important to confirm through the accuser first and if it is not the truth of the accusation is important to confirm as rapidly as possible. This technique bypasses the confidentiality rights of the accused, although even if the accuser’s statements are convincing to a mind reader he or she should be telepathically confronted afterwards in addition to. Burden of proof should always be highest available, data distortion should never be permitted.

    Always thoroughly interrogate the accused if all the accusers suddenly drop dead under mysterious circumstances.

    Extract every memory of anyone that has been convicted in a court of law of sex crimes of slightest possibility of leading one to their network affiliates. Also include Nazi Satanist serial killers on this list, as well as serial killers with names that sound like “Aliens are attacking.”

    Make sure all your own people are thoroughly trained to resist mind control before bothering to do any of the above, except at the level of networking and immunization. People underestimate what can result from telepathically amplified psychological projection: Don’t Get Infected.

    Astral trials, standardized astral justice calculated upon scientifically validated scales of fairness. The general public should be provided proof of the existence of psychic abilities so that normal courts of law learn to handle cases wherein an element of mind control is involved.

    In concern to astral espionage conspiracies, I recommend a higher degree of skepticisim be exercised toward any and all evidence, which should be examined thoroughly outside the slightest context of data distortion.

    Is it possible to track a psychic signal of pain, similar to dousing for water, to detect where in the world children are being tortured or WMDs are hiding? Can global frequencies be generated which precisely inhibit the will to abuse children or use WMDs? Found grassroots research departments to answer these and similar questions, and expose the ethical dimensions of such situations. Brainstorm, research, apply.

    Network construct, strategy, and the underlying process experienced during the use of specific psychic abilities, should be communicated telepathically so that the underlying meaning of one’s every word is communicated free of abstraction.

    The process necessary to trigger an indiscriminately loving state can be communicated telepathically, as the extraction of ego-emotions and the extension of one’s love-induced attachments into That which is. As a meditation, learning to move into the flow of one’s emotions and release emotional complexity.

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