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Thread: lords prayer backwards

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    Default lords prayer backwards

    Hello every one, i have benn wondering of the symbolism of reciting the lords prayer backwards. In the book mastering witchcraft by paul huson reciting the lords prayer backwords was part of the initiation rite which symbolized rebelling against the main religion of the country. This seems interesting however i cant get over how satanic it looks. Also the book says in the intro that selling your soul would be a worthwhile trade for powers as such

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    AlchemicEnchanter Guest

    Default Here's a thought:

    Originally when I started in the occult, I was also looking at witchcraft (because it's so common and widely known, until I came to that factor. I have no desire whatsoever to renounce the name of the Lord. So if you would still like to be a practitioner, instead of becoming a witch, become a Sorcerer or Sorceress. This is a widely used term, used to explain a practitioner of magic that takes from what schools of magic he/she likes. I find it to be much better, as I do use some wiccan concepts, but have no desire to acknowledge different deities than my own.

    For the record, I'm Christian. And yes, it is possible for both to work hand in hand.

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    AlchemicEnchanter Guest

    Default Oh, I almost forgot:

    And remember, if anything looks shady, or like something that may be conceived as Satanic, take a step back and think for yourself. Is it worth the risk? More often than not, it turns out to be not worth it. After all, you cannot fully dedicate yourself to a spell if you are unsure or filled with suspicion or doubt.

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    Ok, but the book itself dosent seem satanic, im wondering whether reciting the lords prayer backwords means u renounce the lord or you renounce the main religion. If it is the latter then will definitely not do the initiation rite described in the book. Has anyone here used the initiation rite in the book, are they satanists or witches

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    This is interesting in that this practice is one of Antinomy, which is a practice of anyone serious in the Left Hand Path. An earlier practice by the Yezidi tribes of ancient Persia did also recite their holy book of Middle Eastern beliefs (the Avesta) backwards in order to atone with the Dark as part of keeping a balance.

    In Musick this is called Backmasking and I have used it to effectively on some of my recordings.

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    AlchemicEnchanter Guest

    Default Well,

    Honestly, if it seems well intentioned, then use the spells in the book, but instead find an alternative initiation. If you really want to be a witch mind you. You don't have to go through the initiation to be able to use the spells. I would skip it all together and just call yourself a sorcerer. Keep it neutral. :P 'tis what I do.

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    MiaVenezia Guest


    I've never really understood this.

    I understand that Christian sects have villainized what they call "heretics," people who believe things that aren't in their doctrine. They claim that we have given in to the devil's temptations. Indeed, the Israelites did this in Exodus, by creating a false idol (the golden calf) and worshipping it.

    But just because a bunch of Puritans in the 17th century associated paganism and witches with the devil, doesn't mean that we, as worshippers of our own free will, have to embrace this label. THEY created it for us and they can associate us with the devil, just because we are different, all they want. But please do not let someone else's label identify you.

    Will reciting the Lord's prayer backwards affect YOU, your morality, or your relationship with your deities? No, most likely, it will just offend a bunch of Christians and piss people off and give occultists an even worse name than they already have because you defiled something that is considered sacred to many.

    Maybe someone can shed some light on when and why it became acceptable for occultists to define themselves by "anti-christianity." Many of our ideals have been in place long, long before the inception of Christianity. In my opinion, we are selling ourselves short.

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    There are psychic/energetic currents that run through this existence that may affect you without you being aware of it.

    It's not about occultists defining themselves as "anti-christian", it's simply a practice of managing energy. Mileage may vary.

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    MiaVenezia Guest


    So you are saying that performing this ritual will help a magical practitioner to obtain some sort of energy-balance?

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    Magical practitioners should find what works for them and discard the rest.

    Some practitioners do not strive for balance, so much as the freeing of bound energies.

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