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Thread: Working with Demons?

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    Default Working with Demons?

    What have your experiences with working with demons been like? Which demon was your favourite to work with? What are some good books or grimoires to summon demons?

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    Good, Abraxas, None

    My experiences have been good, most people come up with the same list of names when speaking of "demons", most common are the goetic spirits... Never tried to bother with a real demonic energy (Pazuzu style).

    Abraxas/Decabria has been the most open and friendly out of the "demons" from my experience.

    When it comes to books, I don't know. I'm anti christian in my outlook when it comes to occult practice.

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    you should take a look at a similar post.

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    if you mean evil spirits : avoid them or you'll get f**ked and only find out when it's too late, yes they can time-travel and outsmart you.

    if you mean daimons : that's another word for spirits it's the same difference.

    if you mean anti-christian type entities, "demons" is not the right word for that.

    Some people think christianity is crap,
    So then they assume the christian 'God' is a bastard,
    And then assume that satan is benevolent because he's the enemy of christianity and so most likely is the opposite and thus somehow good.

    People take this idea to demons also.

    Well most people's heads are full of trash let me tell you,
    just ignore all of that and don't go for either polarity of religion.
    both sides are dangerous illusions.
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    Well most people's heads are full of trash let me tell you,
    Generally trash from even more ancient trash filled heads. However, this doesn't mean "stay away from demons" unless that's something you feel deep down. However, I'm guessing the person who posted this either hasn't looked deep inside to see how they view demons, or if they have they still wish to work with them.

    If the latter is the case the only "trash in their head" would be people telling them not to.

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    demons are forces of nature, if they exist on the physical mental astral or cosmic planes. demons are dark, angels are white. one could also argue oxygen is white and carbon is black. or just think that everyone is so stupid, because a dark force of nature, not necessarily demonic, because of something in the human diet, like why the Jews won't eat pork and the Hindus beef, diet is probably part of the reason anyway. there are opium elementals in the necronomicon for all the planes of existance. just look at cutulu, an opium elemental of the physical plane, as manifest in the corpse king, an opium war baron. It brings you to the question, so opium elemental of the physical planeish, of "what type of system are you creating with the opiates where people can actually afford to do it when the end user suffers?" of course I got that question wrong trying to type it. coca cola has a big connection to cutulu, and as sugar is structurally related to cocaine, a can of coke is actually a speedball, the secret formula is to make it like an opiate. I have found it good to avoid sugar in magical workings, and people actually do look like cookie, the biggest ecstasy dealer in us history, who was north african.

    there definitly are spirit beings and dark ones for sure. planting weeping willows and holly is good for harnassing spirits. willow branch loops can harnass night spirits, and holly collects and stores these spirits during the day.
    I have seen a thousand thousand civilizations rise and fall upon the Mother of All Things. As pipes play, echoing off the mountains and across the Ocean, until it fades at the edge of time, the end of All... - book of the gate called pan

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    Default also interested

    I am interested in demons. Mostly the Goetic demons, most references i have read refer to them are in a 'satanic' sense, but not all. My interest in them, is that they are 'specialised', you can call different ones, for different reasons or causes. I wish to call them for help in matters. If someone could give me some advice, or tell of some expierence in the matter, that would be helpful. As much as you like. I must say this though, I find discussing such things online to feel kinda odd.... But finding people in person to help with specific matters such as this isn't really an option right now. Are some of you open with your practices?

    I would like to add a question here. Void meditations, energy working medititions, chakras etc... are the bases for most magics of this type, correct? I have had success with my meditations and can feel real results and energies, and expierences that are not easy to explain. These results have pushed me to pursue other expierences. And one such as this, is something i want.

    EDIT: Where can i find extensive information on demons? As opposed to the same brief descriptions.
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    Everyone gets different results and reacts to certain Currents in different ways. I hate it when one person will say "Oh I've worked with bla bla bla and he's a meany! Avoid him."

    We must understand that the individual is both the catalyst and the variable when it comes to invocation/evocation. The entity is in some way working through you(and often created by you, if you accept that theory) to manifest your desires, which in turn can mean a few things that will make it a very personal experience, the chief one being that it might in some subtle way be a reflection of yourself. This may work against our desires in a few areas...

    Carroll's theory of a 'Psychic Censor' should be read up by any magician, chaote or not. It asserts that there is a internal force that works against any recognition or manifestation of paranormal or metaphysical activity, essentially to keep us safe and sane. This force has the possibility to pop up in our workings with spirits, and is not a theory explored by many who would benefit from it. This might work against our desires even through the entity we are channeling.

    And yes, in my opinion the whole "avoid them or you're f**ked" mentality is exactly what holds back the potential of many aspiring magicians, and needs to be done away with or we'll never move forward. Find out for yourself, starting working with them in your own way, and you might find that those "getting f**ked" are letting their own fear and insecurity get in the way of some healthy experimentation and productivity. imho...

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    Quote Originally Posted by serpent View Post
    EDIT: Where can i find extensive information on demons? As opposed to the same brief descriptions.
    You could try asking the daemons themselves. Not that hard

    I agree with ThisIsNecessary, avoiding demons/daemons is counterproductive to growth. Someone who wants to "evolve" to get closer to god or their gods, is losing out on something major if they avoid working with these entities. I understand some people don't get along with them, and in that case yes it may be necessary to avoid them, but not even trying is a huge mistake.

    Took me at least two years to figure out how to work with them in my own path, I would think others should make the same strong effort if they can't make any progress. Just try, and try again!

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    Default The fool

    What demon disguised as a fool managed to trick humanity?

    How do you think you can commune with demons without being obsessed?

    Yes indeed we are brought up to believe it is superstition. Does these teachings necessarily oppose the question upon me and you that nothing of divine nature excists on earth?

    Does anyone know God's language?

    Appearantly many mystics are being persecuted for their beliefs still which is in violence of religious freedom act granted by the un. These however could be understood to be in posession of their own religion. I believe media treats mysticism as a mere function for earning money which isn't in my opinion sincere. I do not however believe communing with demons is a crime anymore.

    As religious persecution concerved by many a religious fanatic of other religious confidence clearly can be understood that many humanists believe religion to be man made.

    Is what to believe in a manner of choice?

    Personally I have tried some rituals and believe I opened the third eye and closed it again.

    I also had a vision in which I saw an eye in the sky.

    And a near to death experience which were the light in the end of a tunnel.

    As I have to be an adult about this and thoroughly find modern clinical psychology to be more of a devil worship than communing with demons or other mystic folklore creatures for as displayed on television entertainment. My experience as a patient concluded it might be better to live in ignorance.
    A movement known as the new-age movement failed in it's attempt to destroy industrialism as it were bought by industries of different kinds.

    Now you see, after several years; science, politicians and the workers are starting to realise nature is fragile and should be cherished with respect.

    How about summoning some demons for nature?

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