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  1. Truth game
  2. Rate the avatar above you
  3. here is another game for you all
  4. hope you like this one..
  5. Would-you-make-a-good-vampire try this quize and find out
  6. how evil are you?
  7. darkness rising
  8. do you have the sight quizze
  9. are you on track for manifesting your dreams?
  10. I.Q. tests ?
  11. LOLSpeak
  12. Paranormal beliefs test
  13. Word Association
  14. famous couples
  15. A Bit of Fun!! Three word story.
  16. 1980`s RETRO GAME SITE
  17. The Occult Forums' Official Jeopardy Quiz
  18. What kind of ghost are you?
  19. Which of the Seven Deadly Sins are you?
  20. Play by Post, anyone?