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  1. Free Ebooks
  2. Seeing Signs What is Right And What Is Wrong
  3. Educational media
  4. I need a nymph invocation spell?
  5. Djinn Vs Spell Casting
  6. What is a Sexual Astral Entity that can spend long time on Physical Plane?
  7. Findining my path.
  8. Is Crowley's Book 4 an OK book to start with ?
  9. Astral Travel or Projection
  10. Accessing the subconscious
  11. Penalty/consequence
  12. Finding my path... (Head's up, there's a lot of text)
  13. Altar to Set?
  14. Tyr
  15. a few general questions.
  16. exploring plp mind
  17. Islamic black magic
  18. Sleep/Dream weirdness
  19. Spirit Communication
  20. sigil and geometric magic
  21. Any Guys Here Prefer Facing Their Adversaries Spells?
  22. Online resources for occultists and esoteric/arcane information
  23. How to escape endless Reincarnation !
  24. which path??