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  1. The Edinburgh Vaults or South Bridge Vaults
  2. Personal encounters.
  3. Gay_ghost???
  4. Phantoms and ego loss
  5. Ghost's name
  6. Girl In White....
  7. question
  8. Reporter terrified by a ghost at Dalhousie Castle Scotland
  9. The Borley Rectory Hauntings
  10. Ghosts on the underground
  11. The white lady
  12. Shadow People/Faceless encounter
  13. My cat crossed the river
  14. shadow persons
  15. Could someone please try out this Djinn Summoning Spell?
  16. Curious
  17. Can dogs see ghosts?
  18. Please help me
  19. My haunting.
  20. dark entity
  21. Uninvited Spirit
  22. Have you herd of the Necro Lord?
  23. Stalker Ghost?
  24. Ever saw these entities before?
  25. Facts about Genie or Jinn
  26. Description of Sea dwelling Genie
  27. how to summon Iblies?
  28. What should I do? I think my house is really haunted...
  29. Ghosts turning up in my dreams and life.
  30. We need help - Something is not right.