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Thread: learn learn learn

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    Y Ddraig Goch Guest

    Default learn learn learn

    i would like to know more about pyrokinesis. thank you.

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    Odin Guest


    the mind is a very powerful thing

    and this is something that one should really think about before taking on the responsibility

    in the thought process a lot of desire and intent is put into this practice and at a younger I set some things on fire while in a altered state of consciousness a trance state

    For me slipping in and out of a trance state is very natural ( being that my favorite element is also fire this is very easy )

    A lot of combinations are in play at least for that makes not to difficult for me

    1) the ability to go into trance easily

    2) the connection to the element of fire

    3) the placement of the element of fire in my astrological chart

    which makes it easier for me to do and also get out of hand so I don't do it
    for one to take on this practice, one takes on a great responsibility

    so think deep and hard of every aspect and all the ramifications
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