astral projection while dreaming? astral projection while dreaming?
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Thread: astral projection while dreaming?

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    QueenBeeBeeMarie Guest

    Default astral projection while dreaming?

    I was asleep in my Mom's bed and I somehow got back to my room.I walked to my bathroom but I felt a force of evil energy.I ignored it and tried walking in my bathroom then,I felt this strong force (literally felt it) yank me back from the bathroom.That's when I woke up.

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    Aradia Guest


    Isabeau is correct. We astral project every night. It is how we dream.

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    QueenBeeBeeMarie Guest


    was I in any danger that night?Was it some sort of demon in my bathroom and what force yanked me back like that.It really scared me.My cousin told me it isn't safe to astral project and she doesn't recommend I do it.

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    QueenBeeBeeMarie Guest


    Okay,thank you guys.

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