Last night at 11:59 pm I awoke and looked at my clock, then turned my attention to the sound of my bedroom door creaking as if something entered the room, through the doorway. A slight breeze followed and for the rest of the night no creak came from the door. This is NOt the first time I have experienced this phenomina. In a previous house it was the metal roof creaking right on midnight each night, so accurately I could set my watch by it. Other times it's a small breeze through the window, when no other wind is about, or my door creeks. Either way, I'm being visited.

I checked on this noise and was told is was the ZENIZ spirit which comes at midnight to advise the psychic doorway was opening up for communication. This door stays open to 4 am and is known as by some as the Evil hours or the Witching hours, where communication with the other side through the veil is at its most efficient. Its always been the most likely time for ghosts and other strange noises of the night.

This is because the sun in the sky is out of sight and on the other side of the earth; thereby making its presence least effective on the psychic realm. The sun emmits polarized light which blocks the veil into the next dimension and weakens the entrance of certain spirits coming through. A bit like having poor TV reception during a storm.