I have recently picked up a copy of Magic: An occult primer by David Conway and have been reading through it the past couple of days. I’m reading about talismanic magick and I’m abit stuck on understanding 1 of the steps:

There then follows a mnemonic which represents a shem of the 5 archangels, this may be written in Roman (Argaman) or Hebrew. It is at this stage I’m unclear as mnemonics to me have always been verbal, but its stated that it should be written, what’s more is that on the illustration is does not appear, it is set out as follows;

‘In the name of’ (in Hebrew characters)
‘Tetragrammaton’ (in Hebrew characters)
Reduced intention (numeric value)

Should this ‘Argaman’ be said at this stage or should it be written above the intention?

Also, the illustration has both ADONAI & the Hebrew for tetragrammaton, I’m assuming that this is just to show how?

Is he just a hack and this system flawed?

If anyone has experience of this I would love to hear from you, I have written below the paragraph from the book

‘Next he turns his attention to his talisman on which he inscribes or engraves the three Hebrew characters or, if space is precious, the abbreviation. This means ‘in the name of’ and is followed by the tetragrammaton or by one of the divine synonyms or shemoth. Although this name may – and should be written in Hebrew, western occultist usually write its Roman equivalent. There then follows a mnemonic which represents a shem of the five archangels and may be written in Roman letters (Argaman) or Hebrew. After this comes the talismanic intention which should if possible be reduced to one word (it goes on about the system used to reduce statement)….. Followed, if there were room to spare, by the words Amen and Selah’

Any help would be great