Creating physical reality Creating physical reality
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Thread: Creating physical reality

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    Default Creating physical reality

    There are many ways to do this in truth. Im giving the method roughly by which myself and my mentor so to speak, use. It comes from the perspective of a magician, and not the new age trend.

    The core understanding to have is that the basis of this reality is the astral. It truth, the basis of all reality is thought, but the closest plane of manefestation is the astral - so all higher potencies manifest there before here. As the Hermetic maxim from the Emerald Tablet of Hermes says, 'as above, so below'. This idea is the foundation of all grey magick. The only other understanding that you need is that a thing needs energy to take on existance from nothing, or to be turned from one thing to another as in alchemy.

    The procedure I use is a ritual.

    First open your circle by banishing or clearing the area. If unversed in these just say a divine prayer I suppose. The point is to get into the ritual non-ordinary state of mind.
    Next you want to raise some usable energy. Do the Middle Pillar if you know it, the microcosmic orbit, or some other energy generating technique.
    Now you want to sit in meditation postition, and go into a trance. The deeper the better. This is where the magick happens. This is what we call 'the dream'. It is in this state that you should intend to connect with the astral. If you focus with your third eye you will see a blueish-black background. Run with it. Now in the dream state you should hallucinate (or formulate) a picture into your vision. This is the thing you want to manifest. Focus on the image for 2 or 3 minutes until it is suitably clear. Once this is done you are ready for the charge. Essentially this is the point where you focus your energy onto the image. Pull your energy onto it - focus it like a laser. By doing this you establish the connection for energy to flow. The next five minutes or so you want to lose yourself in a focus on that picture. The more you allow yourself to lose consciousness in this process, the better. Really absorb yourself in it, drop your awareness of whats going on. Become it. Realise it is a potential that already exists inside you... and dream it into being.

    When you are complete release the manifestation and forget about it. Write it down and check your list every once in a while.

    In terms of perfecting this technique, there are ways to enhance it. I laid out the basics. For greater energy for manifestation there are advanced methods definitely. Also you can increase the time spent in focus to an hour or so. Both these will speed up your manifestation. However this should be enough information for the curious about magick to actually get major results.

    Hope you enjoy.

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    Lady Dunsany Guest


    I am so glad you posted this, as the true body is the astral and this is what I as a Magickian and Alchemist and yes Theosophist hope to to obtain as my end result. Your post is very beautiful and makes the idea for one's who are so new to any magickal practice quite easy to understand and imagine. Thank You.

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