Ellis is not "black magic" Ellis is not "black magic"
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Thread: Ellis is not "black magic"

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    Default Ellis is not "black magic"

    not that i necessarily believe in "black magic" anyways but for the purposes of relating to you folks that may read this (before it is deleted) let's use that term for lack of any other.

    there's so many things wrong with the "anti ellis" sigil that i can't even be bothered explaining, it seems it would be easier just to slam my head against a brick wall.

    however - there is one thing i need to tell you. "you" being anyone who uses it and SPECIFICALLY the one who invented it.

    ellis is NOT evil. Ellis the SIGIL is a linking SIGIL. while Ellis the entity is something else entirely that I shan't go in to, the SIGIL itself is used by many many many (again for lack of a better term) "WHITE magicians."

    your creation and subsequent use of said "anti ellis sigil" - if it has any power whatsoever - would end up doing more harm than good. it may hinder those that use the Ellis sigil for "bad" but if it does that, then it will definitely hinder those who use it for "good" also - of which there are FAR FAR MORE.

    picture this - you invent some kind of machine that gives lethal electric shocks to anyone coming in contact with a crucifix. you MAY end up killing people who "do bad things" in the name of the crucifix, but you will also end up killing far more people who use it for "good," and even those who take no side but use it privately for their own personal worship.

    would you happily do this?

    to the creator of this sigil i write:
    as one who quietly and respectfully worships ellis and is, in fact, in LOVE with her as an entity - i request that you destroy this tool and its influence.

    being "against black magic" i trust that you would not wish to harm me for no good reason, right?

    ps. to the Lady who was attacked by those using the ellis sigil, know this: ELLIS herself would NOT approve of this. this is not our style but we cannot be held responsible for actions performed by those that choose to use this sigil. would you have anyone using a pentagram destroyed because it has been used in conjunction with racist killings? would you have the crucifix destroyed because some priests fiddle with children? i have no knowledge of anyone using the name DBL. they are not associated with the originators of the Ellis sigil or entity.

    thanks for reading. if you got the chance.

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    Lady Dunsany Guest


    I never said Ellis was black magick, I said it was used to hurt the site. Everything was going fine with the discussion in chaos magick till DBL , Death By Lollipop and the marauders came in and thought it was funny to spam the site. Where did you get the idea anyone thought the Ellis sigil was bad. Bozo the clown can be considered bad if his sigil is used to hurt another person. Who in the sam hill are you? I am not deleting this . Is this you?

    The Assault On Reality - DBL The marauder underground.

    Our primary activity is attacking what is commonly known as consentual reality, the dominant paradigm, the mundane world, whatever you want to call it.

    We cast spells, scribe sigils, summon spirits, and open gateways. Anything that can be done to influence reality towards our goal.

    We use chalk to tag buildings & sidewalks with sigils and goetic summonings. We conjure up spirits and set them loose, leaving in our wake freshly haunted sites. We infect the population with the power of chaos, and watch as random magick explodes into the lives of unsuspecting citizens.

    We are reality deviants in the truest sense of the word, as we pry open the eyes of a sleeping humanity to the terror and wonder of the worlds beyond.

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    redhand Guest


    Well I'm not what you would call a White Magician that's for sure!LOL Nor am I against the idea or concept of what this sigil can be intend for. However the Ellis Sigil is intended to make someone do things they normally wouldn't (though some will want to do). In other words it works against their will. That by definition is Black Magic (for those who want to use titles and such).

    We would just prefer that it not be posted here. A discussion on this could be fine but, it seems to turn to a negative sort. Now I'm pretty much a Libertarian but, there is a place for order and respecting the opinions of others and the way they feel about this topic. So I would thank you to respect this decision.

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    Lady Dunsany Guest


    I am a libertarian too, built when you infect a population then you are not on my good side. It will not be healthy for anyone to try to pull that kindergarten magick on me, so all I can say is it would not be in any one's best interest to try to pull these silly little grade school magick games.

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