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    • Nazi Occultism- What is It All About?

      What Is Occultism?

      Before we delve deeper let us take a look at what is meant by Occultism. The definition of Occultism refers to a certain occult principle or practice. The word Occultism is the study of occultic practices including the study of the workings, actions as well as influences of supernatural elements and powers.
      Over the years, during different important events in history, there have been many references to occultism being practiced in different parts of the world. Do you feel fascinated if I tell you that there is a link between Nazism and occultism? Are you a person who is fascinated by the study of the supernatural? Well then, keep reading to find out more!

      Nazism and Occultism

      There are many different theories, speculations and research that brings to light the link between Nazism and Occultism. In fact, there are many books, historical papers and research studies that have proven how Nazism and Occultism go hand in hand. Some of the common documentaries, books and movies that discuss Nazi Occultism are The Spear of Destiny, Hellboy, The Morning of the Magicians, Wolfenstein and the Raiders of the Lost ark.
      Many forms of literature have hinted at the Nazis being influenced and driven by several occult agencies. Let us delve deeper into some of them:

      Goodricke-Clarke?s study of the Occult Nazism

      Goodricke-Clarke?s book titled ?The Modern Mythology of Nazism? tells how Hitler, as well as the Nazi movement, is being remote-controlled by some hidden, supernatural power that has obliged them to do things that a common man would not do. It hints at how Hitler and his followers relied on Occult traditions and practices to pursue their missions successfully.
      In another one of Goodricke-Clarke's recent publications in 2004 titled "The Occult roots of Nazism", there are many references to Nazi Black magic that brings to light how Nazism went hand in hand with occultism. It appears that the leaders of the Nazi movement including Hitler devoted time and resources to the works of the supernatural.

      Furthermore, in his book titled "Black Sun" the author tries to trace the survival of occult Nazi themes during post-war period. This book gives an insight into different Nazi occult practices and how their beliefs on occultic practices were passed down from one generation to another. Several people who were part of the Nazi movement or those who were exposed to Nazism firsthand were interviewed and based on their responses, observations and findings there were plenty of references and evidence that pointed towards the prevalence of occultic practices among the Germans in general too. In the book ?Black Sun? you?ll find an entire chapter talking about the Nazi mysteries, discussing occultism practiced by the Nazis in great depth.

      Erick Jan Hanussen?s take on Nazi Occultism

      It is rumored that Erik Jan Hanussen?s coaching on sure-fire tips on public speaking is what molded Hitler into a great public speaker; very persuasive and charismatic and commanded a lot of respect and authority from the audience he was addressing. In the documentary titled ?Hitler and the Occult? there is a section where Dusty Sklar is interviewed about Hitler?s meeting with Erik Jan Hanussen and it mentions occultic techniques to dominate the crowd and control their mind. The narrator brings to light the idea that Hitler turned to occultic practices to help him in luring in the public by casting occultic spells on them. Perhaps this could be one reason why masses of people were mesmerized by Hitler?s speech and followed his instructions blindly leaving aside all concerns for humanity, sensibility, and rationalized thinking. However, on the other hand there are some sources that say that it cannot be said with certainty that Hanussen and Hitler actually had an encounter. Another notable observation brought about by Dusty Sklar is that Hitler?s suicide that took place on the thirtieth of April was known among the Occults as the Walpurgis Night.

      Occultism and its role in the supposed demonic possession of Hitler

      In many narrations, there are references to Hitler's extremist behavior that is said to be caused due to occultic practices. According to many historians who studied the doings of Hitler and his followers, it appears that the book ?The Myth of the Twentieth Century? by Alfred Rosenberg played a huge role in shaping the thoughts and ideas of the Nazi party. This book was considered to have had a hand in promoting pagan, occult and anti-Christian ideas that motivated the Nazis.

      Regarding the theories and stories surrounding the demonic possession of Hitler, there are firsthand accounts from some of the close acquaintances of Hitler who have hinted at Hitler's preference for the Occultic approach for becoming famous. Hitler's Childhood friend, August Kuzibek said that a once seventeen-year-old Hitler spoke passionately of returning Germany to its lost glory and August further mentioned that Hitler spoke as if in a trance as if another being has possessed his body and those words made August moved and tempted to blindly agree to Hitler's words at that point regardless of how absurd it may have seemed. August used these incidents to point out how Hitler was influenced by demons and spirits due to the occultic practices he was involved.

      Furthermore, an article in the Atlantic that discussed Hitler?s library mentioned that his taste in books was mainly centered around flagellation, dance and occultism. He is also said to have marked several pages on books studying occultism where references related to the need for using demonic and occultic practices were required to create a better world. Many speculate that perhaps, Hitler embracing occultic practices and being accepting of demons and spirits is what drove him to rebel.

      Occultism in the Victorian Era

      Occultism was not merely limited to the Nazi movement and Hitler, there are many references throughout history to Victorian Occultism. During the Victorian era, there were many religious and societal changes that took place which made the people waver from their faith and question the unseen. One such incident was the evangelical revival in the Christian church. This was followed by many stories of the supernatural, supernatural happenings and wanderings of spirits and ghosts. Although this was mainly dismissed as a side effect of whizzing cultural change, one cannot ignore the prevalence and widespread acceptance and beliefs of Victorian Occultism that was the starting point for all these stories.

      On an Ending Note,
      There are many pieces of evidence including documentaries, books and historic facts that point out Nazi Occultism. However, it becomes quite difficult to draw the line between the truth, mere coincidences and speculation. Nonetheless, Nazi occultism is indeed a great matter of interest across the world that continues to be discussed even years after the actual events.

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