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      When we speak of Witchcraft and Wizardry the first thing that pops into our minds is some mystic tale such as the Witches of Macbeth or the Harry Potter Series. But the last thing that we think about is that these practices of witchcraft and associated Wiccan rituals are still practiced in broad daylight in the modern world.
      And no, modern witchcraft is not just a new entertainment fad or a trend, it is performed to address real-life problems and find solutions for the problems in our daily lives. Whilst traditional witchcraft may have seemed more like something out of a fairytale with talking mirrors, tarot leaves and crystal orbs, you may be surprised to note that modern witchcraft is completely different. There is nothing mystic, eerie or mysterious about it. In fact, we could be living in the same areas as a witch, and we wouldn?t be able to tell.
      For those of you who are interested in learning more about witchcraft, its origins and the role of modern witchcraft in today?s world, we hope to enlighten you with this compelling article that covers all about witchcraft. Happy reading!

      The Origins of Traditional Witchcraft- The Wiccan Ritual

      The Wicca, which is a modern pagan religion, is best known as the main driver of both traditional and modern witchcraft. The Wiccan ritual is a subset of the ancient occultic practices that were widely practiced in Early Europe. It was first introduced in Ancient England by a retired British servant named Gerald Gardner and a High Priestess named Doreen Valiente.
      Initially, the workings of the Wiccan rituals were passed down from one generation to another via books, confidential writing and by word of mouth. Now, traditional witchcraft has largely evolved to form many different tribes and groups of the followers of the early Wiccan ritual.
      Wiccan rituals are mainly based on magic, witchcraft and calling upon the assistance of various Gods and deities. Nowadays, traditional witchcraft is not so common, but you can easily learn about the Wiccan rituals and modern witchcraft by books and guides that gives ample details and instructions for Witchcraft for beginners.

      The Wicca Symbol

      Just like Christianity uses a cross as its religious symbol, there is a Wicca symbol that denotes all those who believes, practices, and follows the wiccan ritual. The wicca symbol is a pentagram that denotes five elements crucial to the Wicca ritual. These five elements are Air, water, Spirit, earth and fire.

      The wicca ritual is not purely magic or powers of the supernatural, it involves inducing a religious experience albeit an out of body experience. Traditional witchcraft is not just about praying to God, it is about communicating with various gods and deities and making use of their powers to make things happen. Whilst it may seem too unreal and far-fetched for many it is interesting to note that the Wiccan rituals are commonly practiced to date, and the wiccan symbol too is well recognized by most people across the world.

      Witchcraft Stores Across the World

      Just like every town has a grocery store and a fashion store, you will be surprised to find out that witchcraft stores are quite common too in many parts of the world. And no, we do not mean some hocus pocus store that sells toy wands and fairy powder. We are talking about witchcraft stores that sell actual supplies needed for Wiccan rituals and even both traditional and modern forms of witchcraft. And yes, there are these witchcraft stores that sell items needed for Wiccan rituals all around the world.

      Now that brings us to the next question, what are the witchcraft supplies needed to perform Wiccan rituals. Let us have a look at the different supplies commonly available in witchcraft stores across the world that facilitate the wiccan rituals and traditional witchcraft.

      ? The pentacle
      ? The sword and the knife
      ? The chalice
      ? The wand
      ? The boline
      ? The censer and the incense
      ? The Cincture
      ? The Scourge
      ? The Besom
      ? The Cauldron
      ? The Spear

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      Practical Guides on Witchcraft for Beginners

      Earlier, witchcraft was more of a secret skill or an art that was passed down from generation to generation. But now the case is very much different. It is very difficult and tedious to go in search of an actual witch who will let you in on the tricks of the trade. But never worry, if you want to learn about witchcraft and the Wiccan rituals you can simply read up on the different books, guides and manuals that is focused on witchcraft for beginners.

      Not only are their books that talk about witchcraft for beginners but there are also online magazines and portals that have been set up to educate and enlighten oneself about the workings of traditional witchcraft. Here are some of the most famous books, magazines and publications that provide a comprehensive guide on witchcraft for beginners.

      ? Spirits Guide Magazine
      ? Witchery: Embrace the Witch Within
      ? Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner
      ? Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft
      ? A Witches Bible: The Complete Witches' Handbook

      Master the Art of witchcraft
      Mastering the art of modern witchcraft is quite simple and easy as you have enough resources to learn from both online and offline. And that is not all, there are certain courses and learning circles conducted for aspiring witches that will help you gain an insight of what witchcraft is all about. We hope you found this article useful in unravelling the mysteries of traditional and modern witchcraft.

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