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    • Real-life Vampire in 2022: A Brief Introduction

      The vampire is a fictitious supernatural entity that feeds on living beings by sucking their energy, typically in the form of blood, in order to maintain its own vitality. There are men vampires and women vampires.

      The skills and behavior of vampires are described differently (and at times divergently) across civilizations. The conception of vampires that is most ingrained in contemporary Western popular culture has a Slavic heritage according to vampire mythology and is derived mostly from the works of Bram Stoker and Anne Rice, as well as film and television. After death, it is defined as a human transformed into an active corpse and a blood-eating predator.

      Alongside the werewolf and the zombie, the vampire is arguably the most recognizable supernatural creature in human popular culture. But what if there might be some real-life vampires? Let?s discover everything about them in today?s article!

      When was the first vampire mentioned?
      China is the place of birth of the oldest vampire. Certain writings written by Chi Wu Lhi in the third century BCE advise that the deceased should be exposed to the sun for a day prior to burial. This is to avoid Chiang-shi or Jiang-si (pronounced "Kiangsi") possession.

      These Chinese mythological figures are coated in white hair and have extremely long claws. If they possess a corpse, it gets resurrected on a full moon. And the only option is to dismember it.

      Chiang-shi is a Chinese vampire who appears frequently in eastern films. According to Chinese beliefs, every individual possesses two souls:

      ● A rational, superior soul.
      ● A degraded and illogical soul.

      During sleep, the upper spirit might leave the body. However, the lower soul or p'ai clings to the physical body after death and remains with it for a time.

      In the event of violent death, the soul leaves the body. However, if the p'ai is strong enough, it can imbue it with life and produce a chiang-shi.

      According to Chinese legend, they are nocturnal beings that dislike water and are defeated with garlic and salt. They are vicious, rape women, can transform into wolves, and can fly.

      Who was the first vampire in the Bible?
      Many of us believe that Dracula was the first vampire in recorded history. According to tradition, however, the first vampire is considerably older, so much so that his name is well-known throughout the Bible. Therefore, according to the Bible, the first vampire was....

      Cain was Abel's sibling; both were children of Adam and Eve. While the first cultivated the soil and planted crops, the second cared to the animals and hunted.

      Once, Cain wished to present his God with some of the fruits of his labor, and his brother did the same, taking a valuable sheep, the firstborn of his creation.

      God joyfully accepted Abel's tribute, but Cain's was not as well-received, evoking a great deal of jealously, given that Cain had taken the best of what he had earned by his labor. However, Abel's sacrifices were always more appreciated than those of his brother.

      Cain subsequently became extremely enraged and disillusioned, transforming his anger into hatred for Abel until he struck Abel multiple times with a stone and perpetrated the first murder in history.

      Cain was questioned about his brother's location in the face of God, but he claimed that he was not his keeper and did not know where he was. At that instant, everything was found, and he was condemned as no one else had been; after all, he was the first murderer, and his depravity must be remembered.

      They say that because of his wrongdoing, God condemned him to wander the earth till the end of time; wherever he passed, plants and animals would perish.

      Cain could no longer see the sun and would feel the thirst for blood every day, just as he had done when he murdered his brother. Cain walked the earth for an extended period of time, as he had been expelled from the place where he had previously resided.

      Until he arrived in Node, where he met Lilith, a lady who taught him the bloody arts, Cain was unable to build a wealthy city. Despite this, he was unhappy because everything was transient and the people he loved perished quickly. Therefore, he decided to convert the local people into beings similar to himself, resulting in the first vampires.

      Caine would have transformed three people into vampires, who then created a vast lineage of vampires, but the Flood wiped out a large number of them. Cain believed that the Earth's desiccation was further punishment from God for creating vampires, so he commanded everyone to stop him and vanished from the earth.

      However, Cain's grandsons murdered his "children" because they refused to observe the restrictions he imposed. As a result, the vampires began to spread around the globe, with each of the seven grandchildren establishing their own clans, each with its own distinctive qualities and abilities.

      They fought for many years, each desiring power for themselves.
      Over time, the fights subsided and each clan retreated to its own corner of the globe, allowing the vampires to populate the entire planet, dwelling in the darkness of the night and feeding on the unwary.

      Cain is no longer known, but it is stated that vampires did not control the earth because of fear that he would return and destroy them, as he fears God and does not wish for his name to be cursed again.

      Why can?t vampires go in the sun?
      Vampires are said to perish when exposed to sunlight, but this belief is relatively recent. The earliest vampire legends of the Middle Ages describe hematophagous animals that have great difficulty moving during the day. Bram Stoker addressed this issue in his 1897 famous vampire novel Dracula. Vampires chose darkness because it corresponds with our greatest moment of vulnerability: confused, clumsy, and bewildered. From Bram Stoker's Dracula onwards, literature has dug into instances of vampires being rigorously burnt by the sun.

      By now you should know everything about real-life vampires! Either you imagine them as fictional beings or real beings, or if you believe in the mythological or biblical version, perhaps you might consider watch out before you go to sleep. Who knows? Unless YOU are the vampire everyone is gossiping about!

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