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Thread: New to seeing

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    Default New to seeing

    So I was at the Gypsy shop in my town and I was drawn to a Crystal Ball, I'd done tarot as well as runes and never felt anything like this long story short I bought it. Its a dark dark red small ball like about two inches. Anyways I read a book the night I bought it. Now, I didn't do a cleansing but I was just soooo drawn to it I had to try it. I read that I should try to meet my crystal's spirit. I went into a trance while staring into the ball. I had like a vision or something about meeting it.
    I wake up in this field and I roll over in the grass and see a cliff. In the cliff there was a cave. I was drawn to climb up it. Once in the cave I was greeted by a giant Crimson Bird, It didn't tell me it's name or anything but I was washed over by feelings of respect, fear, reverance, and yet love. Then I got on it and we flew!
    I "wake up" Staring at the little ball and 20 minutes had gone by! Really I need help as to what this means and if this is a normal way to experience from a ball because everyone else sees smoke and crap but I had a vision in my head. Also to calm any fears my ball is in a salt bath and will be set out for the charging very soon. I won't using it until its cleansed.
    So is what happened normal? Am I suppossed to see smoke or is that just another way of doing it? Please help

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    AlchemicEnchanter Guest

    Default your doing it right.

    I believe this is a result of a natural talent. Within the arts everyone seems to have a gift, or an aptitude towards one thing or another. In your case, it could very well be the seeing orb.

    For many there is long waits and rituals associated with the use of the crystal ball, though these can be passed by for a person with an aptitude. Where a normal person would be left to decipher the symbols seen within the smoke, you have the result of a direct projection into your mind.

    What I can say is this: Play with it, test it out, and find what works for you. Buying that orb was probably one of the best decisions you'll make, so use it well.

    As for interpretation, the presence of the bird within the orb can represent the spirit of the orb itself. And the part about flying with it can be the acceptance and realization that you are it's owner.

    Play with it, you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

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