I had a strange.. coincidence just then in regards to a dream I had on the 18th of December(so not last nights dream but the night before). I dreamt about a lunar eclipse and I only just found out a few moments ago that there is going to be a lunar eclipse on the 20th December. And I never knew this or dream of lunar eclipses(I think its the first time).

Anyway this is the dream from the 18th December.. I typed it out that morning and so this is just from my journal.

I dreamt last night that I was outside at night time and was looking up at the stars and I could see all the planets. They were very close and it was like they had moved in a certain way and the moon was eclipsing one of them. So I could see an eclipse happening and the moon(I think)was very black and the rest were in a purple nebular. It looked as if the planets had become an eye or something and was watching the earth and there was a huge machine that was built on one of the planets so that it was bigger than the planet and it looked like a tv camera and it was turning towards earth but it also looked like a huge weapon.

I was in a national park near where I grew up and there was a party there and all my old friends were there and Michael was fighting Mathew but he was losing. I was tempted to fight too but talked to Daniel who I beat up the night before in a dream. This time I talked to him but he just walked away and so I told him something and walked away as well.

When I could see the things in the sky everyone was looking and I thought it was better not to look so I left to go inside. It was like a light was going to be shone on the earth but it looked like from a weapon so I went inside to avoid it and not get suckered into looking.

Anyway it was blah blah but the planets looked good with the eclipse. It was like seeing the moon with about 8 other planets of different sizes as close as the moon. It made an eye or something that was now pointing to earth.
So I find it weird and quite interesting considering there is a lunar eclipse coming up which I had no idea about at all. I only found out from someone posting about it online just then.

iTWire - Australians probably won't see the Solstice lunar eclipse

Also last night I had a weird dream with a Red Cobra in it. I think it might be linked to the above dream but I'm not sure.

I had another weird snake dream last night.

I dreamt that I was in a temple, I think like an Egyptian one but it was only small and like you went from outside to inside this tiny area that I dont think had a roof. So it seemed inside but also outside and had sand as the floor. Anyway when I walked in a huge red cobra(two and a half meters at least)sprung up from the floor and it was fully stretched out so it looked straight. It was all red but its markings were bright blue. And as soon as it sprung out I very quickly grabbed it(snatched it from the air)not far from behind its head with my left hand. When I did this it turned and sunk its fangs into my left hand and it kept its fangs in for quite a while and it hurt, it hurt as the venom went in and I couldnt do anything about it. So I just watched.

I cant remember what happened after that but I remember then talking to a girl outside the temple and she was about to go in and I went with her. She was explaining to me that I shouldnt of tried to hold the cobra so that it couldnt bite me and that I was supposed to allow it to bite me. So she walked in and the cobra sprung up again and she allowed it to bite her. She said it wasnt painful if you allow it to bite you but can be very painful if you try to stop it. And I was telling her how yes I know that now.

*Also the smoke detector in my room did one loud beep last night(maybe around 3am) which was odd. It's not a battery problem.
Anyway I found that interesting because I looked up infomation today on Cobras/Egyptian and got onto this.. Uraeus - Snake - DNA - Crystalinks

The Golden Uraeus is of solid gold, 6.7 cm, black eyes of granite, a snake head of deep ultramarine lapis lazuli, the flared cobra hood of dark carnelian inlays, and also inlays of turquoise.
And the colours seem to match which I didnt know beforehand(certainly not consciously anyway).

So I found that weird as well and I thought I would just share that because I thought it was interesting, especially with the timing of the eclipse.