a fairy that pulled me out of my dream a fairy that pulled me out of my dream
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Thread: a fairy that pulled me out of my dream

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    Default a fairy that pulled me out of my dream

    Here is a dream i would like to share with you.

    I went downstairs to the kitchen, and the lights were on.

    I saw a robin flying near the wall, and its shadow on the wall was that of an angel. Then from the inside of the wall i saw a fairy trying to get out of the wall. She was beautiful. had pale blue skin, almost gray. really long black hair flowing, black eyes, and black top. She also had henna tattos all over her arms and hands and on her cheeks,(like those that arabian women use).

    She smiled at me and while holding the wall with one arm, she reached for me with the other arm... i was a bit scared because her smile was naughty and something deep inside told me i better not... still i gave her my hand. She grabed it really hard! and... Pfff I got sucked back into waking up, and i dont mean it literally. I really felt like i was being sucked into reality. My hand was red as if it really had happened. hehe i still wonder if she was trying to pull me in or out, if you know what i mean

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    Well, now that is interesting. I guess it's tough to say just what's what there, but it sounds kinda fun too. Let me know next time, and I'll see if I can "pop in" to that one.

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