Question about Trinitite Question about Trinitite
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Thread: Question about Trinitite

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    Default Question about Trinitite

    I know that many cultures associate certain feelings and magickal properties to gems and stones. A lot of new age and pagan stores have all sorts of polished and rough stones and there are even forms of Reiki based around the healing powers of certain stones, but I can't seem to find any information about a particular stone I added to my gemstone bag... Trinitite.

    Trinitite is a unique man made stone, in that it was created during the 1945 nuclear bomb tests in New Mexico. From what I have read it's mostly sand that was caught up in the blast but some samples contain copper and iron from the tower and wiring harness of the original bomb. I was wondering if anyone had any information about the occult or spiritual uses of said stone.

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    The only thing I know it can be used for dowsing work and pendulum work. I would think with any stone, gem or crystal the owner could charge and use it for whatever they see fit.

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