We need help - Something is not right. We need help - Something is not right.
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Thread: We need help - Something is not right.

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    Default We need help - Something is not right.

    Since about the 11th December 2011 there has been the same noise on our house roof almost every 2 or 3 nights around 1-30 am to 3 am.
    The house is about 5 years old and built new. I have been renting the house since November 2010, and never heard it until the above date - recently.

    There are no trees near the roof for possums or other large animals to clime. But it sounds like a man’s boots walking on the roof, not animal feet. A cat, or possum sound very different as I have heard both in the past and can tell them apart.
    You hear what sounds like fast walking footsteps of a “man or child” in work boots, running along the full length of the house ( which is around 20 meters long ) up and back generally once in each direction on the same side of the roof every time. The roof iron creaks under the footsteps - and then nothing for the rest of the night - it's all quiet.

    It sets the dogs off barking and awakens either myself or my partner. It’s VERY loud.
    Last night - 4th January 2012 - it happened at 1.30am and awoke my partner; but I slept through it, as I went to bed very late and my sleep patterns are way out of wack.

    Then I awoke just before 3 am to see why my partner was up and not asleep. She told me about the noise on the roof and her stomach pains she has been having since 26th December had returned.
    She had been in the local hospital for about 6 hours earlier in the evening on a saline drip and being treated for Gastro.

    I went back to sleep and as I started to nod off at 3 am, the same roof noise started for a second time that night - at first lightly and a few seconds later, it repeated the same pattern as loud as always.
    I’m sure it wanted to make me aware of the phenomena which is why it happened twice.

    The only exception to this event, was yesterday morning - 3rd January 2011 - when my partner went off to work at 6 am and I went back to sleep, only to be awoken right on 7 am with the same noise on the roof.
    It was so loud this time, I hurriedly got some clothes on to see if I could see what it was outside, as it was daylight - only for it to stop as soon as I started dressing.

    Now there may be no connection here - but my partner has been quite ill since 26th December 2011 with what is believed to be Gastro - and has been in hospital twice for about 6 hours since.
    The first time last week she went in an Ambulance, as he was so bad and the second time I drove her in. She has also had the home doctor call 2 days ago, and she prescribed medication with no result.

    The doctors take tests and give her some medication, and in the first case in the ambulance, morphine for the pain, but basically find nothing seriously wrong with her. And so they send her home to rest and take her medication.

    Added to this, she is not eating, as she vomits everything up, has bad diarrhoea and can’t eat anything without vomiting. She is also a type-2 diabetic and needs food other wise she goes hypo and could pass out. It’s as if the gastro is trying to starve her.
    She has lost a lot of weight and has to work in her job on top of this.
    Her sick leave has now been used up and finished, but if she takes time off she does not get paid.

    We are in great financial difficulty, behind in the rent, since I lost my job earlier in the year form a nervous breakdown. As a result we are facing eviction and homelessness, but any assistance we ask for or look into is blocked from us in some way outside of our control.

    When I’ve emailed for help, say from a psychic, I am knocked back as I cannot pay their fees, because of our financial situation being so bad.
    Earlier in 2011 - I had a nervous breakdown and was sacked from work as a result of under-performance. I had been depressed and stressed while at work and ever since.
    Then the Government pension I applied for after leaving work had the papers go missing and delayed so badly - it took months to get on it. Meantime I had NO income at all.
    When I contact psychics they refuse to help - as I can't afford to pay them their fees. If they are true psychics they would see I have a complex problem and finances are part of it.
    I have also been suicidal as a result.

    Summing up - I believe the roof noise maybe a poltergeist ghost and the sickness of my partner, may be connected in some way - since I feel ok and have not been ill.
    We have no reasonable idea how she came to be so ill. But this is all an assumption at this stage on my part.

    It’s as if this ‘thing” is trying to break us in some way. But as I maybe simply reading too much into it all. I don’t know at this stage.

    Finally - this is not the first time we have had psychic phenomena in a rental property we have lived in. Usually when we have had such we soon get evicted after falling into financial problems. about 5 years ago we had similar noises in the roof in the early hours of the morning, like giant snake writhing about above our bed. we were sharing with another family who had a row with us over the behaviour of their teenage son. After the argument they left the next day and moved out leaving us with a large rent we could not pay - hence we were eventually evicted.

    The other house we rented about 3 years ago had other phenomena which is an entire story in its own case to discuss and even more weird than the above - but again we were evicted and left blacklisted on the rental tenancy data base so my partner now cannot rent anything at all in her name.

    This psychic crap has been going on for about 11 years since our divorces. Life has never been the same. Any constructive comments would be appreciated. Thankyou.

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    Mrs. Peel would know. She has a paranormal forum. I'm a member there, Mrs. Peel is helping me and my parents.

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