Kind of socially inept but... Kind of socially inept but...
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Thread: Kind of socially inept but...

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    Default Kind of socially inept but...

    Well, what's there to say about myself really? That I have a keen interest in the perennial philosophy that's considered "Occult"? I guess that's kind of obvious, huh?

    I have a fairly solid background in the Western Ceremonial Tradition and modern Witchcraft but tend towards an eclectic approach. Not only to my Art but everything else that I apply myself to. I've learned a lot from certain folks as regards a "dogma of non-dogma" within Chaos Magickal Theory. It's been a tremendous help with all aspects of my life.

    Wanna know something really strange about me? When I was 15, I got struck by lightning! Not been the same girl since. Best thing for me in the end (except the neurological pain and headaches that no one can seem to help me with; well... Not true, since studying with a certain friend, it's gotten a LOT better).

    I found this spot while looking for another site with a similar name and I guess it's gone now. Oh well. Things have a tendency to fall apart, you know? Entropy. Chaos over Cosmos and all that.

    Bored with me yet?

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    Hello and Welcome.

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    hello and welcome

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