New to this site, but not to the Occult New to this site, but not to the Occult
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Thread: New to this site, but not to the Occult

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    Default New to this site, but not to the Occult

    Hi all;

    I dwell in Queensland, Australia and have been studying the Occult for some 20 years now, after having been raised as a child in a fundamentalist Christian CULT for the first 30 years of my life. Some of my current specialties are the areas of > Magick (any), THE BLACK EARTH, Sumerian/ Babylonian Deities, Religion, Technology (of all types), and UFO's. Though some areas are deemed as fictitious, even in the occult community, I care not what others choose to judge me as.

    I am an Orphicus birth sign and do not publically use a spiritual pseudonym, but rather my own terrestial name. I am very aware of my soul's abilities, many of my past lives, and have understandings well beyond what is locked up in this known Universe. My soul is very, very, very old, so old I would go as far as saying its the fourth oldest in this universe. That means its older than yours, because the other three souls older than me are not human. I have to be human because of the role I play on earth. As you are aware, I existed before the light, before time, and before The Ancient Of Days.

    My soul is one of the Ancient Ones ( The Great Old Ones ) hence I have direct communication with their inner family. I also claim to have a friendly but loose alliance with Satan and his agents and the Rigdem-Jypo ( or Brahytma - The King of the world ) and numerous other spirit forces, some unknown to both Occultists and men.

    If you saw me in the street you would not even know, as I have no tattoos, don't take drugs, don't smoke or drink, have no material wealth, care not for much of this worlds affairs, yet have a very academic mind. I speak respectfully to all those I meet and have little interest in the matters of men. I wear no amulets, nor any any strange dress belong to no group, or organization, and work totally on my own.

    I combine my skills and knowledge in Electronics and the Sciences with my spiritual abilities. I research and study intellectually most of my waking hours and channel most of the sleeping hours - particuarly when the veil is close to the terrestial realms.

    I will speak on anything you like, and answer any questions put to me. I have no time for clowns and those who are in it for a joke, but I have time for all who want to advance. My purpose to be here is to grow and share my awarness with others, no matter what their path is, and take note of the quality of life each one leads. I also have interest in the skills and abilities of others; so feel free to share you knowledge as well.

    For more specific information you can privately email me at > [email protected]

    Cheers to all;

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    Lady Dunsany Guest


    Hello and Welcome.

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    isis Guest


    hello and welcome

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    Odin Guest


    hello and welcome to the forum and look forward to seeing and reading your posts and threads

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