What drew me into the occult was when I was a kid living in New York City my apartment had a vortex in it. I tried to use science to explasin it all away. The only excuse (I mean reason) science gave me was quantum theory, combined with memories of being in a Jewish concentration camp in WW2 without meeting anybody with the tattooed number on their wrist or learning about the evilmen/monsters in school and talking to my rabbi about the nightmares I was having on Nazi Germany and being in a concentration camp. Describing things in great detail. He said that Jews don't believe in reincarnation but other beliefs do.

I am many things. I have walked many paths. I am a seer. I use every form of divination short of Anthromany to find out answers I am looking for. I am Shinto Zen Buddhist and learning Native American beliefs. I have been Shinto for over 25 years now. My kami I honour are Hachiman (he's a a kami of war), O Kuno Nuchi (kami of good health healing psychic paranormal metaphysical and the occult), Susanoo (kami of storms, the sea, and a trickster), Uzume (think of a female Pan) she is a lot of fun, Izanami (started out a a creation goddess but died and he brother-husband saw her corpse got grossed out and said I'm dumping you. She then became like Kali-Ma), Aizen (a love god) he is also a Myoo used in Buddhism who destroys the things that keeps us from obtaining enlghtenment. I work with Fudo and the other Myoo (Kings of Enlightenment). I have been Voudon, Babylonian, Egytian. Mayan/Aztec, Cabalah and many other paths along the way. I believe that you should learn all you can because you never know when what you know can help yourself and others.

I am no longer married but have a great boyfriend. My boyfriend is an angel. Really I'm not joking around. He really is an angel wings halo and kick @- armour with really nifty Enochian symbols all over it and all the other super cool angel things too. I want to avenge him for all that has been done to him over the course of his lifetime. He is my champion because it a path he chose for himself. Not use to men outside of family wanting to look after me and protect me. I'm use to protecting, defending and looking out for everbody else.

Life is great once again.