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Thread: Good Life all

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    Default Good Life all

    Greetings and Salutations,
    I am your humble servant and student Azrael, I happened upon this website in my random clickings and see nothing but good things. I hope I will be accepted into this arena of free thought with nothing but good vibrations.

    I am as I am,
    You are as you are.
    I am a man,
    you are men/women.
    What works for me,
    is not for you.
    So give me love,
    and never attitude.

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    Lady Dunsany Guest

    Default RE: Good Life all

    I will give you fair in this breezy air.
    I may be tough but my ways are never rough.
    I am please to see your way with words.
    I some times answer with a bit of the absurd.
    Welcome to this magickal site.
    Now I must go and have a bite. Non human that is.
    Nice to meet you.

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    Odin Guest

    Default RE: Good Life all

    I'll give you the attitude with loss of love

    your breezy air I'll squash with my thumb

    not enough to drink to make me numb

    but your welcome here to spread your knowledge

    as we are now in spiritual college

    I am only kidding. Welcome, and hope to learn from you.

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    Harlock Guest

    Default RE: Good Life all

    I welcome you
    to where the fire is lit
    and where good talkers meet good listeners
    so come forth and learn and be learned
    for the time is nigh
    To which we all grow

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    isis Guest

    Default RE: Good Life all

    hello and welcome hope you injoy your self here... i am isis

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    redhand Guest

    Default RE: Good Life all

    Greetings and Welcome!

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