Hey everyone, im john from argentina, and as you can guess, im new here!
First of all let me sah its awesome to find a true community of people willing to share their knowledge with the www. I have always despiced the 'keep it to yourself' part of studying occult...
Anyway, the purpose of this post is twofold. Apart from my introduction up there im here to ask from some directions to keep my studies on track. So far, my meditations have took me as far as this:
-theres a universal energy that every living thing is connected to
-this universal energy may be tapped to produce alterations in reality
Thing is, im sort of stuck, as my usual method of study is always started by checking what is already known on the subject to contrast it with my own experience and be able to have a basis on which to work on. Problem is i cant find any actual current of study that resembles what im looking.
Yoga, reiki, and other chakra studies deal with channeling energy, but only to heal or order the energies of the surroundings, and what im looking for is more like witchcraft, that is, neutral And more versatile, truly open to potentiality and pretty much any direction the channel makes it go. Im looking for a discipline that uses energy channeling through the body and soul -only through meditation and visualization, no implements- to make changes in reality (all the way from sensing the energy in a room, through enabling new ways of communication, to plain telechinesis).
Im not here to ask HOW to achieve all that. The only way i will find that is through insights and meditation (which have proven more than efficient up to now). Im not here to discuss my MOTIVES to study tjis, but i will say im well aware of the implicances of the tampering of earthly forces.
What i NEED is that if you know of ANY DISCIPLINE THAT RESEMBLES WHAT I SAID, please share with me its name, so i can research the web for whats been said so far. ANY contribution is appreciated, as well as the time you have already given me for reading all this.
So, thats it. Any name to anything similar to what i just described would be peachy to me .
Thanks in advance!