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Thread: So...Hi!

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    Default So...Hi!

    Hello everybody!

    Been avoiding this part of the forum because I find it very hard to write an introduction of myself. Those who are knowledgable enough have allready most probubly read into who I am and what I am on about, but I feel the need to still write this wether for some openess or for some more closeness I dont know. Ah and been reading the intros of other people and the two liners kinda piss me of so I decided to bore you all with a long and boring essay(will try to avoid writting about my breakfasts)

    So, my nickname says Seyk and thats how I desire being refered to. It has no special meaning or anything, was just a random keyboard type that I decided to be useful. I am 20, live in Istanbul, tho wasnt born there, with my husband.

    Been into occulti practicly since I was born, many of the gifts that I have and those I have developed came to me hereditary from my great great great grandma who was a witch. My parents were raising me as Christian, tho I never had any affinity towards it, it was just not comfortable for me, didnt give me any inner feelings of peace or anything. Astral projecting for example on the other hand did. I only felt comfortable practising the occult arts, which where I grew up wasnt very accepted, so I grew with hiding it. Didnt bother me tho, only when I was 12 or 13 did I first feel the need to share my way of life with other people doing the same. At those times I also first felt the need to label myself with some religion, for I was very rebellious and the non acceptance of occult was very irking, so I was the kid yelling out on the streets I am a witch and proud of it. now those feelings are gone and when asked what exactly is it that I am in occult I usually reply with Nothing, but on the other hand everything.

    As for my practices, I am someone who is always interested in learning about everything and making my knowledge bigger, tho I am having trouble with applyng this to learning about Golden Dawn, Quabbala(dunno if I even spelled it right lol),Hermetics, for its really not my kind of things and up until recently conversations with people into these have not been very productive knowledge wise. I practice Astral projection, healing, dreamworks, ESP, divination and as I allready wrote on this forum, been drawn into Psi vampyrism for one period of my life.I am hoping I will get better at these and al;so that something I can share about it will help someone here. I am always willing to help everyone that I can, so dont hesitate to ask me anything.

    Ok, gonna stop boring you guys all, in case you didnt allready skip the whole post and wrote Welcome in the quick reply XD Just felt its in order to write something about myself and stop being the spectre poster. Will be seeing you round the forums for a long time I hope. Cheers!
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    Aradia Guest


    Hi there, Seyk. Welcome to Occult Forums. Glad you could join us.

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