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Thread: Greetings

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    Default Greetings


    Im Nikolas Huber, you can call me Nick

    A little background- I've been studying the occult for about 7 years, and practicing for about 3 or 4. Im interested in studying advanced sigilization methods to be used in evocation. Im also interested in the methods that classic and ancient era magi developed their sigilization techniques (ie the Goetia, how did they discover and/or create all the seals etc. ). Also Ive been thinking about the differences between magery and sorcery and how to define those (I'd much appreciate any thoughts on that subject)

    As far as practice goes, Im well versed in Chaos Magick, energy work, and im fairly well acquainted with paganism in practice.

    I consider myself a Mage, as my spiritual beliefs are separate from my magickal ones.

    In my freetime I enjoy long walks on the be- oh wait sorry wrong forum ;D
    In all seriousness though, Im a junior Psychology student in an American university. I really enjoy roleplaying games, video games, and Warhammer 40k, as well as reading various books ranging from Lovecraft, to Machiavelli, to Neil Strauss. Also I've taken an interest in fantasy board games recently thanks to my girlfriend (eg Talisman, Arkham Horror).

    I hope to learn much and share what knowledge I have with others here

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    Aradia Guest


    Welcome to OF.

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