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    Hello. I go by the name Berashith. I live in Tucson Az. My interests are Inner Guides;Occilt studies;Astrology;Qabbalah;Astral projection;Higher Psychism;Lower Psychism;Sex Magick; Saturn Gnosis. I was refering to myself as LHP. However I now consider myself eclectic ala I. Regardie.
    I believe in training from the center outward. Currently I am using Inner Guide Meditation by Steinbrecher as my primary text. I use the hexagram encircled by the serpent and the sun in the center as my Lamen. All of the subjects I mentioned above fit on this Lamen. The sun is yellow(the yellow school);Triangle of ascension is red;Triangle of manifestation is blue;Serpent is Indigo. I believe that the two pentagrams go together. The Averse pentagram contains the upward triangle and the upright pentagram contains the downward triangle. I believe these symbols hold the key to all of the doctrines of the occult but it is to each person to discover these for them selves. This is done by simply looking and brooding over these symbols. "Symbols reveal they don't conceal"-Brian Cotnoir(name possibly mispelled).
    My conscious interest in the Occult began in the mid 1980's. It took over twenty years of mainly reading to come to some idea of what this is about. I am now working on my own plan for development starting with the book I mentioned above. I do not like rituals. I see them as inconvenient and unessecary. For most of what you might use a ritual for you can aquire through active imagination or if its something material by just going out and getting a job.
    I would rather work directly on the Astral plane with my will and imagination than work indirectly through wands, daggers, cups etc. If someone can work with these things fine! I don't seem to be able to. This was a stumbling block for me for a long time. Anyway that is all I have to say for now. Thank-you.

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    Odin Guest


    hello and welcome to the forum and look forward too seeing and reading your posts and threads

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    Hello and Welcome.

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    hello and welcome

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    Hello and welcome!

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    hello and welcome.

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    hello and welcome

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