Mediums who are frauds Mediums who are frauds
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Thread: Mediums who are frauds

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    angeress Guest

    Default Mediums who are frauds

    I have come across these sorts of charaltans before, and some of them are so comicial whilst doing their acting. Has anybody heard of a man called Derek Acorah?, well he is a TV medium who was actually set up by a certain TV company and they had a laugh at his expense.
    What this joke consisted of was the false name of Creed Kafer, who was a South African spirit in Bodmin Moor, and the name is actually a anagram of Derek Faker.

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    angeress Guest


    Here is two videos to show all about this MAN'S modus operandi.

    YouTube - Derek Acorah - Kreed Kafer Maths

    YouTube - Proof that Most Haunted is Set Up

    Now watch this and see it for yourselves.

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    angeress Guest


    Derek Acorah himself is a medium but he is entertaining too. How can anyone be christened with a name of Kreed Kafir???

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    QueenBeeBeeMarie Guest


    I have saw on YouTube and one other site that Sylvia Browne is a fraud but I can't be sure.Then,John Edward was proven to be a fake and lost his show.
    I always wondered about Sonya Fitzpatrick The Pet Psychic,I'd love her to tell me what my pet was thinking.

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    seekerofprophecies Guest


    You know kafir is an arabic word, somehow I feel it relates to israel and there is some kind of joke going on in relation to that.

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