communicating with animals communicating with animals
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Thread: communicating with animals

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    QueenBeeBeeMarie Guest

    Default communicating with animals

    I didn't know where else to put this so if it's in the wrong area,sorry.Ever since I was saw The Pet Psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick,I have wanted to communicate with animals too.So,I bought her book and practiced.I can't tell if it works because whenever I call the animal telepathically it doesn't come.Or if I ask it to do anything else it doesn't work.So,I don't know if I imagine the whole conversation or not.So,does anyone else try this and if so do you have any tips?

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    The only tip I can give is that for starters you try practicing with an animal you are familiar with, animal that allready had contact with you, for itmight be easier to sort of bond with it, then just some random animal.

    If however you are allready doing this, what I can suggest is doing some more telepathy exercises that not necesseraly have to be connected to this area only, and just keep practicing and trying. I think what you are trying to learn is great by the way

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    QueenBeeBeeMarie Guest


    Thanks,I really love animals.I have all my life and I want to give them a voice that they don't have.I have been trying to do this since I was fairly young.With some success.I would sit my dog on the end of my bed and call his name telepathically and ask him to come,he never came.I tried envisioning him to come and ask him to,didn't come.I also had a very aggressive pet rat that had been in a bad home.I tried to communicate with him.In the end I had to just ignore him because he would bite very hard if you tried to pet him.I was going to try and train him and get him used to me but my brother said he wasn't ''damaged'' and I should just leave him alone.I didn't like how they stuck that word to him.I felt he had feelings too and that he was ''damaged'' he had been hurt physically and emotionally and needed to be healed.In the end he lived a long life and he is on the other side now.
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    QueenBeeBeeMarie Guest


    Thanks,Isabeau I will keep trying.We have a cat that is scared and won't come out.I have tried talking to him.I was the first who ever pet him in this house.Everybody else was to scared I guess,because he growls and hisses at everyone.

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