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Sunflowers in the Snow

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"Sunflowers in the Snow"
a short tale by darkmistress

Lord be my Shepherd
Lady be thy Wind
Love be my weapon
A word against the end
Follow a path lit by constellations
Through ice and snow
And man's destination
Follow the warrior in the stars
The warrior of Nemesi
Though in time, stabs our hearts
May he remember me
...may our truth be set free

This is a story set in the future of our Earth's solar system. Here, in a mind unbeknownst to man, there exist half bred aliens who steal upon the life force within Gaia, in a sick perpetuation of their lustful, sometimes cruel dance. This tale revolves around three people. The first person is widely known as Nemesi, a halfbreed with both male and female chromosomes. And then, Abel, the so called weakling from Jupiter who would come to mean more to life than life itself. The third is Justine, lover of man and daughter of the Witches of Nemesi.

Nemesis' father is known widely as Priest who is the torch and the fire breather of the twin cauldrons (he gives life to) what rules the land of First Borns of Venus. Lord Nemesi is in fact a half link bestowed with great powers only for the good of man, but he was driven toward deviance by none other than the Dragon of Mars. And Mars, which rules obedience and order, Nemesi maintains everyone. The story of Mars is one of sorrow and tragic heart break that cannot be told without certain power of the will.

The Sons of Mars are the elegant and wealthy rulers of the Witches of Venus, the witches are slaves of the Born Enigma, a machine created to fuel the lifeless bodies and corpses of Goddesses. Enigma has given the Witch born a profound ability to impregnate the Earth. For more than centuries, they have populated the underground dungeon and have fertilized the soil with death.

"What if reality were a mere amalgamation of ideas? What would that make us?" I asked curiously to the well dressed man as he lifted me over the metal gate which separated my kind from a free existence.

"That would make us the impregnation of Witch Born," Jacob said in that sobering tone that made my arms tingle.

I wanted to throw myself into him, see into his eyes and simply feel the life force flowing between his cortex and the limitless Creatrix, but Men of Mars were authority, control, and dominators of the Witches of Venus. I, being the muted futile image I was, had no idea there was something special about the blood that I harnessed within me. I had no authority, and yet somehow I had been granted life and that alone was enough for me.

He would not tell me about my blood, no way. This was information sworn off by Men from us half breeds. As it was nearing the end of our "vacation" on the moving plate, Jacob pulled me into his golden flecked hair, and kissed me. The electrocution made me feel slightly nauseous but I treasured every minute.

It was I, Justine, who fueled the plate with my psionic energy. Justine, a mere half breed given the opportunity to fly one of the moving plates above the City of Maria, the Capital of Mars. A place forbidden to none but the Royalty of Venus, the shrouded eyes told all and yet were forbidden for half breeds to even gaze upon.

Of course, I knew there was a reason for this vacation. I just had no knowing of the potential danger I was in when they brought me down to the darkest caverns of the dungeon, and implanted me with their Amyglias.

It charged and planted here, between my right eye. I could have lost all willpower for the technology used..Yet I was too innocent to be afraid, and so when they dumped me back with my Sisters into the dark Waste where we fed upon the Witch, I could now communicate with thoughts...alone.

I remember that strange welcoming when I swam to my sisters, yet they told me not to speak of such things and then rejected me. I was no longer one of them, for sometime in the near future all would rejoice at the story of Queen Justine.

It was a long time before all this occurred, though, and for now I shall tell you about how I came to the existence of another man, much weaker and stranger than Jacob, who I loved but whose cruelty had no end. It was in sleep, when I saw the blue oceans and vast march lands of Jupiter, and a man with curly brown hair and pale bluish skin wandering about curiously, searching for his next meal.

In this vision I heard a voice. "He will not betray you." Oh if only I had known the gravity of those words then, in my altered mind. As I watched, the man moved slowly and gracefully, suddenly woooosh, he was on his hands and knees buckled, throwing a spear into the mouth of a giant Dragon like Shark. It was in this proud moment of his, that I felt the most passion I'd ever felt, the strangest kinship I had never felt in my life. I felt alive.

I had to go there, to meet the man. And for once in my life I disobeyed the Orders, and did so swiftly and secretly. It would only be a short trip, just to meet this man child. I had to see him. I just did not know why.

I had taken one of the airships, and fueled it with my magnetic crystal. A technology forbidden, but naive I was. Many long days and nights with no ground, before I was there..the deep blue world they named Jupiter, and here I surrounded by flying beasts, dragons, but I hid behind a cloak of selenium mist so they could not see me.

And at long last, after much zipping around in my machine, I found him. I let down my cloak, and I can only laugh at how in awe he was at my machine, my long arms and golden green skin. He just stared for a few long breathes then he gasped. He asked me who I was, and if I was looking for "someone or something."

"I mean you no harm, child of Jupiter." I told him as I extended my hand to him. Suddenly he seemed to choke, "They don't want me to tell you my name." He gasped, "The name is Abel." He said then coughed...suddenly Abel was enshrouded in black smoke...gone. I have not seen able in four centuries, but I know he is still there...enshrouded by the mystery of man's destined home.

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    You are extremely gifted.
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