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Well I'm an empath... Ive always been able to feel.what everyone around me feels... Last year I came into contact with a half-demon... Hes my best friend now... Ever since I found out what he was three shadowy figures would drain my energy... Now I've come into contact with another demon(the demon was born inside him).. And three shadowy figures(male by their form) are protecting me from him... They say the demon im him wants me for my empathy... Why me?? What are the shadows? Am I safe? Can I trust them? Please... I need answers...

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  1. Fortuna's Avatar
    i have to agree, there is no way a demon could be born inside any one. Unfortunately the occult is not to be confused with Fantasy Forums, or any Role Playing forums. TheDruidSeer is right, do some research, and differentiate from fantasy and the real. One question you are not from an otherkin forum are you ElvishOne?
  2. ElvishOne's Avatar
    No... They arent intrested in D&D... The half demon sold part of his soul to the devil(or so he told me) to prove his loyalty... N just recently I fount out that the other was chosen after birth to keep a different demon from this world...
  3. ElvishOne's Avatar
    Nope first forum Fortuna ^_^
  4. Fortuna's Avatar
    Well there is not much more I can add as TheDruidSeer has said it all.
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