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valadean cain

hi im a new member

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greetings from a new member.
hello my name is valadean cain, that is not my real name but my taken name, it is the name i have taken and the name you will know me by.

i am an average guy but not too average i am a witch my whole family are witchs so i was raised a witch.
i am into reading mainly fantasy.
so basically im a nice guy who loves to meet new people and loves talking to people cause im easy to talk to and NEVER judge.

i am a 3rd dan black belt in teikwondo my mum and dad passed away last year goddess bless them and keep them company in the summerland, so yes my dad was a part of the australian goverment but never let his witch background interfer with work so he was a great man and he is the one who taught me martial arts.

you may be asking yourself why is this whack job telling us his life story and i am because now yous all know me alot better.

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  1. Nual123's Avatar
    Nice to meet you valadean, I hope you find what your looking for here. Lord and Lady bless you. If you ever want to chat send me message on my profile.
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