"Meditation on Letting Go

For this exercises, you will go to a cemetery and seek out a grave that really stand out to you. Pick an overcast afternoon when the day is not too hot or too sunny. I always love doing this sort of work in the fall and early winter, when the ground is covered with drifts of dead leaves.

Lay down atop the grave and fold your arms atop your chest, in the aspect of one dead. The close your eyes and reach down, down, six feet down, until you can sense the dead slumbering beneath. Imagine that you are that dead person, long since buried in the ground. Think about what it has been like for the abandoned flesh to spend so many years within the earth. Is the spirit here now? Does it bear any resemblance whatsoever to those damp and naked bones? How much of ourselves is really in these bodies that we wear? How much is revealed about who and what we really are, once the flesh we've grown so used to seeing is stripped away?

Reach down and down into the ground beneath you, down to where those naked bones lie and ask the memory of this person to help you learn the art of letting go.

In the end, all things tied to this flesh must be surrendered. This includes even your perception of yourself, that face you have grown to know through a lifetime of mirrors. That face is not you. The memory lingering in the bones beneath you will remind you of that. You are fluid. You are subtle and constantly changing. That thread of spirit, that soul that truly makes you who you are is eternal only because it changes before it can decay. Worms cannot touch it, mirrors cannot capture it, and yet, somewhere lingering upon the brittle bones you will leave behind there will be a knowledge of it. A memory, fleeting, like a ghost. Reach for this in the bones beneath you and the spirit around you. Seek the understanding he had to die to learn."

- from Michelle Belanger's Walking The Twilight Path.

This was probably the most meaningful experience I have ever had with necromancy. I did this at midnight with an ex lover of mine. I still go to the grave and give coin offerings and keep the particular grave tidy. I even shaved my head when I experienced this to show the transformation I had undergone.