In love numerology or numerology love, relationship compatibility can be determined by subtracting one life path from the other. This number provides insights into the relationship. To determine relationship compatibility in love numerology, a numerologist must first determine the life paths of the two individuals involved in the compatibility check.

Calculating the Lifepath:

The life path is found by adding the day, month, and year of birth together and then adding across until a single digit is achieved.

This example is for September 4, 1966 (9/4/1966):

9 + 4 + 1966 = 1979

1 + 9 + 7 + 9 = 26

2 + 6 = 8

Love Numerology Relationship Compatibility Interpretations

0 - Zero. Zero indicates that the relationship has tremendous potential to be successful. It will either be really great (all) or a complete disaster (nothing).

1 - One. Independence will be needed by one or both of the people in this relationship. Trying to control where the other person goes or what they do will result in this relationship crumbling apart. When both are allowed to be independent, they are capable of creating and leading together.

2 - Two. Balance in life is needed by one or both partners. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of life must weave together and balance out.

3 - Three . Each partner must be allowed to communicate and express what they are feeling in an open and clear way without the fear of reprimand or rejection.

4 - Four . In this relationship, the two partners need to work hard and they must maintain a good degree of discipline. As long as they work together this relationship has the potential to be built up with a strong foundation.

5 - Five. Examples of this include a situation where one person may need to convert to a different religion or one partner moving their home. It's important to note that any changes that occur within this relationship must be thought out and planned carefully, otherwise they may have a negative impact on the relationship.

6 - Six. Each partner will need to figure out a way to best divide the responsibility between the two of them and then stick with that plan. Helping each other and each others family becomes very important as does sharing love.

7 - Seven. One or both partners are going to need a good deal of alone time and personal time.

8 - Eight. One or both partners will want their way all the time. Conflict will happen; it’s a matter of how the couple ends up dealing with the outcome of that conflict that matters most.