Ah, good old books.

As I peruse this section I cannot help to think of the days before the internet when such joy was happened upon me by finding a hidden treasure in the local used book store. Or when not finding a title I desired and locating a book dealer and placing my wishlist by phone. Then venturing to his house, a library in itself, a winding path with piles of books everywhere to a desk with my new guides upon it. A slight sideways look as he hands me Crowley and Atwood, then asks for payment and the "call anytime for anything else, thankyou" statement.

Even years later when I begin to find resources via the internet and book dealers many miles from my home. Those who wouldn't print catalogs and only have a homepage to keep costs down, but would assure me over the phone that they have or could get anything I wanted.

Alias all that is gone now as the internet has put nearly all of those folks out of business. Information is much easier to find for sure but something has to be said for things of the past.

It truly was an experience.