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Thread: Library addition suggestions

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    Question Library addition suggestions

    Hi, I'm interested in the communities input on what to read next with my current library's taste. I've usually taken suggestions from books' bibliographies but a more down to earth opinion is welcomed.

    Modern Magick Daniel Kraig Llewellyn
    Three Books of Occult Philosophy Henry Cornelius Agrippa Donald Tyson
    The Secret Teachings of all Ages Manly P. Hall Dover
    Book Four Aleister Crowley Weiser
    The Book of the Law
    The Book of Lies
    The Book of Thoth
    The Kybalion Three Initiates Dover
    The Golden Dawn Israel Regardie Llewellyn
    Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ Tau Malachi Llewellyn
    Vocabulary for Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic Mitchel
    Bhagavad-Gita As It Is A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
    Judaism for Dummies
    The Mythology of the Secret Societies J.M. Roberts Watkins
    The Seductiveness of Jewish Myth Breslauer Suny
    Judaism Brian Lancaster
    Think on These Things Krishnamurti
    Oedipus Judaicus William Drummond Bracken
    God is a Verb David A. Cooper
    The Tarot Sylvie Simon
    Symbols Hilarion
    The Signature Classics C.S. LewisLiber Null & Psychonaut Peter Carroll Weiser
    Care of the Soul Thomas Moore Harper Collins
    The Soul of Sex
    A Dicitonary of Symbols J. E. Cirlot Routeledge
    Kabbalah Gershom Scholem Meridian
    The Essential Kabbalah Daniel Matt Castle
    The Zohar I Pritzker Edition Stanford
    The Holy Kabbalah A. E. Waite Citadel
    The Power of Kabbalah Yehuda Berg
    Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines Evans-Wentz
    The Mind Gymnasium Denis Postle
    The Initation of the World Alder Weiser
    Chakra Therapy Sherwood Llewellyn
    The Mysteries Michael
    The Power of Now Eckhart Tolle
    A New Earth
    The Power of Myth Joseph Campbell

    anyone read The Power of the Word by Donald Tyson or Greek Qabalah? They sound quite interesting.

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    Man, if I had more money, my library would be packed with lots more books. I love books so much. I have not read Donald Tyson ....will have to check that out. I'm not into anything xtian or remotely qabalah, so I would have to edit the list for those. Thanks for the cool list.

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