I just found this site this morning and I have been all over it. I wish to share something I have never shared before. It may be new to some of you and maybe not. I know that I constructed it on my own from learnings I gleaned over the years.
I am not a very good instructor, as far as writing goes so i hope you can get wha i am trying to do here.So, please bear with me...
You will need one of those little table fountains. One that makes more babbling brook noises than one that has the motor humming from pumping the water.
I have also decided, for my own reasons, that a small crystal skull is a nice touch. Decorate the well with whatever gives you the feeling you are searching for. I am a Santeria/Keltic/Catholic/Druid type. So, John the Baptists head on a platter works fine for me as a symbol of Bran's head or Ellegua.(hence, the skull)

As for a 'spell', there really isn't one. However, I do go with the old LBRP standby as a preventative measure.
Do whatever it is you do to obtain your majickal state and address the head with your query. I discovered this quite by accident and at first thought I was developing a mild schizophrenia. But, I soon discovered that there seemed to be a communicative vessel in the sound of running water. I have found that sometimes it is a good thing to share something such as a n offering with the "being" you may be going to contact. A few candies, some wine, whatever you feel is appropriate.(intuition is a wonderful thing)

Just sit and listen.You should be able to discern voices.

I am curious if anyone else has checked this out before. I went solitary years ago because of all the pretense I found in pagan/occult circles.(this is not directed at any of you-just an experience.-I have already been challenged to rise above this,...so, this is my attempt) But, I never gave up the quest. This is my coming back out of the broom closet, so to speak.
I would love to hear any feedback from others who may try this.