Here's a tricky one for you. A friend of mine is fixing up an old double-wide trailer house. When repairing a pipe underneath it, she found a nearly complete cat skeleton. I say nearly complete, because the head is missing. She brought me some of the bones, knowing I would appreciate them. I have a few of its vertebrae, two claws in socket, some delicate ribs, and, my favorite, what seems to be a femur. The problem came when I tried to coat them with a special clear resin. I wanted to protect them from dirt and disintegration, as I do with all my smaller bones. As I applied it, I felt this awful cold sick feeling come over me and I put them down. I'm not sqeamish like that at all; I have tons of bones from all sorts of things, and none of them did that to me. I put everything back in its container and put them away. If the bones are in the box, it's fine. As soon as I handle them, I get that nasty feeling and have to put them back. What I'm thinking is this may be one of two things:
one, the cat may have been used for sacrifice and dumped under the house; which is why the skull is missing and I get that icky feeling. Two, it may be that the cat itself is unhappy with me.
I'm not sure which it is, and I know of no safe way to determine this.

The bad mojo itself seems to be dormant, only activating when I touch the bones. I'm not sure if trying to banish or cleanse them is a good idea, since I don't want to wake whatever it is fully.
For now, the box is safely stored away, and I have let no one else touch them.

Should I just take them away and bury them? I'd like to avoid that if possible.
I was planning to use some for divination, and I'm sure they'd be perfect for it.