Amnesia after using pendulum/Involuntary Actions and Speech/Thought it was spirit Amnesia after using pendulum/Involuntary Actions and Speech/Thought it was spirit
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Thread: Amnesia after using pendulum/Involuntary Actions and Speech/Thought it was spirit

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    Default Amnesia after using pendulum/Involuntary Actions and Speech/Thought it was spirit

    I was confused when this post was made.

    See topic "Am I possessed?" by Okihay.

    Last edited by Okihay; 07-04-2012 at 12:26 AM.

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    alyssa Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Okihay View Post
    This story is a long and unbelievable one. It started when I made a thought form of a video game character and communicated with it using a pendulum. Smart. Anyway, I used Ea as a vibration to attain enlightenment. Again, smart. I kept hearing the word "Stupid!" in my head, as if saying, "You idiot... What were you thinking?". I had a spiritual battle with Ea, which can only be described as disorientating. I was under the impression that demons were crawling on the walls (I still see red when I'm sleeping), and no matter what I did, I couldn't (and still "can't") get rid of him. Along the way I fell in love with a dragon named Sumorigoshin, was seduced by Thoth, eaten alive by shadows, the walking dead, snakes and spiders, Sumorigoshin grew to massive proportions and put me inside her vagina and would have a PMS attack if I moved, a zombie cat named Felix, fish people, spider people, the queen of the etheric, someone from Cuba, going to a mental institiution for a week, laughing my ass off hysterically, doing something completely different, not being able to recognize my own voice (British accent), being thrown on the ground by nothing, a vision of myself crying blood, outwitting myself, coming to the conclusion that everything is void and vice versa, vampire sex, being dragged to hell, the land of Northic where not even the trees stand, a giant snake with explosive ****, etc, etc. That was written more for my enjoyment than anything. In any case, I'm trying to be funny in a strange situation. It's hard to imagine anything, and I'm told that my memories were taken by various thought forms. The truth is, I'm starting to strongly recognize these thought forms as myself. Opinions?
    My opinion is that you should write all the crapola down and maybe use it in role-playing forums where you can meet like-minded individuals with just as much time to waste as you. And stay away from the occult, it's not for you.

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    alyssa Guest


    Thoughtforms out of video game am glad Spare isn't here to witness this kind of crap.

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    alyssa Guest


    Me too, me too. But oh well, at least sometimes it's kind of funny and funny is always a plus, even though it's the depressing kind of funny

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    Astral Eye Guest


    oh great. I was born by a dragon who's father was Thor and have quesed to remake the 7 ancient soul crystals.

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