The girl named Ivy and the guy who loved her!! The girl named Ivy and the guy who loved her!!
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Thread: The girl named Ivy and the guy who loved her!!

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    isis Guest

    Default The girl named Ivy and the guy who loved her!!

    The girl named Ivy and the guy who loved her!!

    Once apon a tine not very long ago their lived a girl named Ivy, and she was very dangerous. People in town called her Poison Ivy because every thing she touched died, but that is only partly true because it was only her pets that died. She never harmed a human cause no one will let her touch them.

    Until one day a stranger named Roger came to town claiming to everyone he saw that he could never die. The towns people started to laugh at hem and said if you let Poison Ivy touch him and he lived then he could have anything his heart desired.

    Well what the towns people did not know is that his heart desire was Ivy. He wanted her because she was the most beautiful girl in the whole town, but then again he would never say that to anyone for he feared he would be laughed at and then turned away with out passing the test.

    The next couple of days went by smoothly for a while. He wanted to take his time on this bet and also to gather up some information on Ivy, her past, and her family. He wanted to know everything about her. Whet he got was surprising to hem, but fearful for others.

    He learned was that her mother was as every bit as beautiful as Ivy and she had a husband that loved her every bit as much as he loved Ivy. Ivy father never died by Ivy’s mothers’ touch of hand. Out of all the years they went out and then marred, but what fearful to hem was the fact that Ivy’s dad died after her mother and father made Ivy. Yes Ivy’s dad died after her mother got pregnant with Ivy.

    After finding out this information about Ivy’s past he did not know if he was going to follow through with the bet.

    Until one day he was in the library asking questions and going over the answers that he got the last couple of days when he hard a voice behind hem saying if you want more information on Ivy then why don’t you ask me for the truth. He then felt a hand on his shoulder as the voice asked hem to turn around.

    Rogers face went white as he turned around to see who was behind him and that was when he saw Ivy standing right behind hem with a smile on her face. As everyone watched in horror to see what was going to happen next.

    It was not that dramatic as she took hem by the hand and said come with me and I will tell you the truth about me. A chill came down Rogers back when she took he out of the library and to the lake where they could be alone. She told hem the truth. Her father died in the war and the only thing that died at her hand was a few pets.

    Roger looked at her blankly and then said so what I have been told was false and Ivy plainly said yes. Ivy continued saying the towns people do not want anyone to love me cause I will lose the power they have over me. They make do a lot of things but no one can touch me unless they love me.

    Oh I see, says Roger as he moved closer to Ivy. To give her a kiss on the lips. As he leaned in to kiss her on the lips he thought wow this is going to be fun. Roger and Ivy went out on three dates after that day. Everything went well for the next three months when he finally asked Ivy to marry hem and when she said yes his hart skipped a beat.

    That was when Ivy got the news that she was pregnant. Roger and Ivy agreed to a spring wedding. As she walked down the ale to say I do to the man she loves, she thought I wish my dad was here. Her mother was their to see her get marred.

    After the I do's was over and the cake was cut her mother walked up to her and whispered to saying “ what ever you do don’t let hem go anywhere until you find out if you are having a boy or girl because he will die like your father did if it a girl cause we are cursed to lose a loved one when a girl is the first born, but the curse is lifted when a boy is first born. I meant to tell you that when you first meet the boy but you were so happy.”

    Ivy was so scared that she did not tell Roger that she was pregnant until one month went by. Roger was thinking of going to look for a job and Ivy really started to panic and she started to brake things for hem to fix so he could not lave her side until the baby is born. It went on like this until five month went by and he got tired of it and asked her why , and she started to cry and she told hem the truth and every thing her mother told her after the wedding and she wanted to make sure that he was safe.

    Ivy went into labor the day after she told he, the truth about why she did what she did. After that the doctor came in and said congratulations you have a beautiful boy. As she looked at Roger with a smile on her face saying did you hear that we have a son as a first born and now the curse has been lifted.

    Ivy and her child can never lose a love one for ever, but that was not the case cause roger wanted a girl not a boy so he left Ivy with the boy to raise all alone. Ivy went to live with her mother after a year went by she ask her mom how did the curse come to be on our family?

    Her mother jest looked at her and with a sigh and said it all started with your great, great, great grandmother when she was forced to marry a man she did not love, and then fell in love with another man. One day while her husband was away she had on affair with the man she fell in love with and got pregnant by.

    Her plan was to clam the baby as her husbands but what she did not know was that the man she married was not able to have kids even though he loved the child he could never forgive his wife for what she had done so he said I curse you and all your blood line to never again fell love and if you do and a girl is born first then the lover will die so it will be until a boy child is born first.

    That is why the curse was put on our family, but you broke the curse with your little boy. I am sorry that your husband could not see this a positive for you, but at least you have your son.

    THE END!!!!


    this was a long time ago.. please do not try to edit this but if you have any suggestions for me.. PM them to me at or leave a visitors message please and think you..

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    Lady Dunsany Guest


    Isis good story. What a creep her husband was. There is hope, that Ivy will meet someone that really loves her down the line.

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    isis Guest


    I have a part 2 to this one but i am still working on it..

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    all i can say about Rodger is "What a douche."

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    Lady Dunsany Guest


    I agree. LOL.

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