A Internet Comedian - Gorilla 199 A Internet Comedian - Gorilla 199
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Thread: A Internet Comedian - Gorilla 199

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    angeress Guest

    Default A Internet Comedian - Gorilla 199

    gorilla199 - Google Videos

    I have enclosed a huge page of this man's you-tubes, and he mainly talks about Conspricarcies and Science. Unfortunately, he does not get the theories right and he is supposed to be a born again Christian.
    Watch his videos and see for yourself because they have so many visitors.

    I liked the one about the Sun being the same size as the Moon.

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    angeress Guest


    This man's videos are really watched for the comedic value.

    'Dinosours are a abmoniation to God' is a taster of his other video.

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    angeress Guest


    So many of the videos are comedic gold, you must see them for yourself.

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    angeress Guest


    Why Gorilla 199 is so watched by many in the Internet is the sheer comedy value of the man, he is still active with his blooming You-tubers and he will probably talk about Halloween soon.
    I urge you, watch this man if you want.

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