Religious Laws Religious Laws
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Thread: Religious Laws

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    Question Religious Laws


    First off, I am not religious, but I am not a disbeliever either.
    My goal, besides fullfilling my path as a Necromancer, is gathering as much information on every belief system (that involves praying, repenting to god(s), sins, what is evil & what is good).
    The point of this is to possibly present a truly neutral perspective of every religion - And they will not only include the benefits of the belief, but also the bads to go along with.

    Why should I bother if I have no faith in any particular religion?

    Why should anyone have faith in any religion? Curiosity is what drives us all, I am simply curious as to what each faith believes in, an I think it is a worthy venture. No one told me that I should do this, this is all done because I want to. Maybe after I complete this neutral book, I might just join one of them, but I can't guarantee it will be yours.

    What do you want to know?

    I want to know ALL the rules, the laws, all the basics of becoming what you are in your belief system; a follower.

    Will you promote some an demote some?

    In my opinion, no religion is greater than the other, nor is any religion lesser than any other. Please note that I will NOT follow the belief that a certain religion or belief system is "The True Religion", "That religion is a lie/fake", an especially "That religion is blasphemous/heretical/evil" cause in reality, we are all a mystery an we cannot honestly say with out a doubt in our minds whether a certain belief is fake or evil or right or truth.
    Every belief has their own facts an beliefs, yet many believe they are the right religion while others are false.

    If you are a follower of a belief system, please state the name of your belief an post as much about the laws & rules of your beleif system.
    Please, be respectful to all when posting, I am only asking for what your belief is about, I do not want ANYONE to lash out at each other.
    I have come here to learn about your faith, please do not tarnish your belief by provoking other beliefs.

    Thank you an I look forward to reading about your faith(s).
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