All Members Please Read
there has been a message going out by a member known as Yarbo Tar Tar and it is spreading a message and sometimes even a link that can ban you, if you see this message please delete it without opening it

Heres some info on whats going on with the site there is a group of people within a few sites that don't like us, as in all of us. they think we are phonies and above all think that this is which was closed do to unexplained reasons. We are in no way related to the .com site. we just happened to start getting big around the time the site closed. they have been spamming the boards among other crimes. We are winning against them, if you see a suspicious PM please contact a moderator or admin immediately. We are trying to make this site safe and produce a family feeling for all of us. We do not wish any angst between any members or sites, we will not have you pick sides either. you can travel to any site you wish, we just ask that you respect this one.

secondly the team does not get paid, not even a "thank you for your time" payment, we all work for this site in order for it to be like said above, safe and help build friendships so that we can all discuss things equally. we do this entirely free. the costs to run this site, upgrade it and promote it does cost a lot. hence why there's a VIP membership, which gives chat room privileges, green colored screen name, and a customized title. all class money go for the class and anything that may come along for said class its a chance to work with others and have a mentor that is knowledgeable in the subject, as well as others who may pop in and help the mentor and you out.

Thank you for your cooperation and time
light the forge, temper the steel, wield the shield, cast a spell, a battle this way comes