JFK was the reincarnation of Lincoln JFK was the reincarnation of Lincoln
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Thread: JFK was the reincarnation of Lincoln

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    angeress Guest

    Default JFK was the reincarnation of Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln was the reincarnation of JFK - this is scary.....


    I even looked up many of those things this site claims and it was in fact valid. And once you see the site you'll realize it was definitely not a coincidence.

    notice you'll see everything as far as the 2 men's lives (relationships, presidency, family, assasination, etc) are identical. everything is exactly identical.

    whats even more suspicious is this:

    Lincoln and Kennedy both had brothers named Robert and Edward
    Lincoln and Kennedy both lost a son and a sister while president
    Lincoln's son married "Mary Eunice Harlan" while Kennedy had a sister named Eunice Marry Kennedy

    Lincoln was shot in Ford's Theater
    Kennedy was shot in a Ford Lincoln car

    Lincoln died with his wife by his side (shot in the head) - she however was not injured.
    Kennedy died with is wife by his side (shot in the head) - she however was not injured.

    dude.....i'm stoked..

    could it actually be God repeating Lincoln and not a reincarnation?


    what does this mean then?

    This is just coincedience, karma does not work like this. It can be laughable but Lincoln must of done some sort of wicca to become President the second time around.

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    ZeldaFitz Guest


    Lincoln's wife died alone and poor, and depressed, Jackie died rich, loved, and with family by her side.

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    angeress Guest


    The Kennedy/Lincoln case is based on the laws on coinciedence, not reincarnation.

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    ZeldaFitz Guest


    I knew that, but coincidence or not, there is the flaw in it.

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    angeress Guest


    The same clown who thought of this theory is considering Barack Obama to be the reincarnation of JFK??? What drugs are people on.

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    ZeldaFitz Guest


    Oh yes, I know. I think they throw it out there, and see what will stick. LOL.

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