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Thread: Death Visions

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    Default Death Visions

    For the last 14 years I've been having death visions. Whenever somebody close to me was to die,before that had happened,I dreamed his death as a sort of premonition. When my grandfather and grandmother were to die,although nobody had expected that,I dreamed they would die before that happened. When my ex boyfriend's mother was to die,I dreamed that even though I didn't know her. When his father was to die,I dreamed me taking my ex boyfriend to my dead grandmother,and she responded that it was not him that i should take to her. Finally,when my father being ill from cancer was about to die,I had a vision of him dying in hospital,but I was awake,not dreaming. When we went to the hospital,we found him in exactly the same position as I saw it in my vision.

    All of this time I've been wondering what the purpose of all this is? Is it a curse,a gift,or something else?

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    I have this ability. It's a hard one to carry.

    I have never understood why and the purpose of it and yes I can relate to it feeling like a curse, but I suppose it helps me to prepare and I prepare others around me when it is about to happen.
    It also feels like others from the other side take over and carry me through it.
    I never feel alone when it happens, so in some way it's blessing too.
    I see others being lost in their grief after, but for me it's more of an acceptance as I was already prepared for it.
    I can at times know even the day when it will happen.

    I have prepared someone very close to me, the morning of the day he died ( he was terminal ), even the doctor did not think he was ready a few days before. He had asked me to tell him when it's time.
    It was the hardest thing I have ever done, but a blessing at the same time that I could do this for him . At least I was aware, when no one else was able to and be there fully for him.
    I don't know why some have it and some don't, but I must say one thing and I have concluded this for my self, I rather be connected to the other side, than not and I have accepted it.
    I don't see it as a curse, just the way I am.
    One day I will know why, it's when I get to the other side.
    Meanwhile I live the the way I was created and work with it rather than against it.
    Just know, you're not alone with this gift.

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